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Our current research is loosely organized around decision making under uncertain conditions. Examples include:

  • How to choose between different technologies?
  • How to identify those process parameters and inputs that have the most impact on the process performance (yield, profits,…)?
  • How to allocate development resources to reduce the time to market?
  • How to extract the best estimates of parameter values from experiments?

To address these questions, we are developing methods to represent uncertainty, and characterize the effects of uncertainty on models.

McRae Group - Spring 2008

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November 09: Ken Hu presented work by the McRae lab at AIChE link

May 09: Alex Lewis and Mihai Anton both defended their Ph.D CEP theses! Ingrid's next...

April 09: Arman Haidari gave his departmental seminar entitled Leak Detection for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage: link

March 09: Ingrid Berkelmans gave her departmental seminar on Bayesian Methods for Model Selction: link

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 Summer 2007
Chuang Chuang got married (April 08)! Here's two pictures of the reception
Our newest labmate, Heath
Dinner after CC's defense



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