.The McRae Group
.. Department of Chemical Engineering at MIT

Current Members

Adekunle Adeyemo
Carolyn Carolyn Seto



Heath Heath Fox  
Group Dinner, Spring 2008
At Chuang Chuang's Wedding
Summer 07





Misc Contact Info:

Randall Field
BP Project Exec. Director
Email: rpfield at mit dot edu
Phone: (617) 324-2391

Dr. Nicola De Blasio
ENI-MIT Liason
Email: nickdb at mit dot edu
Phone: (617) 324-0536


Contact Us

McRae Group Offices:
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Building 66-060
77 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone1: (617) 253-5973
Phone2: (617) 253-0285

webmaster: Ken Hu, email at: mcraegroup-www at mit.edu