King Mongkut University of Technology
King Mongkut University of Technology

TDP has been assisting in two projects in Thailand, with both King Mongkut University of Technology (KMUTT) and the National Science Technology & Development Agency (NSTDA). While the NSTDA project is currently inactive, the KMUTT project continues: a good example of both the cross platform knowledge sharing central to TDP's philosophy, and its practical application for real-world learning and advancement.

In our work with KMUTT, TDP has been aiding in the development of the atmosphere of cooperation with academia, industry, and local Thai government crucial to the science and technology infrastructure a graduate-level research university can provide.

Over 11 years ago, MIT helped KMUTT establish the Chemical Engineering Practice School concept. This endeavor was led by Professors Gregory McRae and Alan T. Hatton of MIT.

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