Enhancement of life and learning

Everything that happens at MIT revolves around people. In fulfilling our mission, we prepare our students for life through an educational triad encompassing academics, research, and community—the community of people who teach and learn here, who live and work here.

We recognize the importance of providing our community with a safe and vibrant campus home that enhances their activities and supports their goals.

MIT’s learning and living spaces continue to evolve and converge. It is important that we accommodate learning in both formal and informal settings by creating spaces that promote collaboration, encourage creativity and innovation, and strengthen community.Eric Grimson, MIT ChancellorThis priority has emerged through MIT's plans regarding the living, learning, working, and gathering places we create. We will design education and research spaces that encourage collaboration, engagement, experimentation, and the ready transfer of knowledge. Given the vital interactions between MIT and nearby Cambridge neighborhoods, we will create and cultivate appealing community amenities along edges of our campus. For residences and other student facilities, we will consider key issues of student life, dining, activities, arts, and athletics. We will maintain or create community pathways and gathering spaces that are welcoming and easy to access and use. By focusing on these elements, the Institute will continue to provide safe, attractive, well-maintained campus environments that anchor the community experience, integrate a mix of life and learning activities, and foster a sense of belonging.

Photo by Christopher Harting