The BridgeMats program will produce duplicate bridge guide cards (table mats) from an ACBLscore movement file.
The output is a PostScript file that may be viewed, printed, or converted to PDF with GhostScript.
Important: Game plans and related materials are available on the parent page of this one, on the club site.

Preformatted BridgeMats

Wide Letter   PostScript and PDF files to view/print using the full width of 8.5"x11" stock.
See Late Breaking News for December, 2013.
US Letter   No longer being maintained: PostScript and PDF files to view/print on 8.5"x11" stock.
US Legal   No longer being maintained: PostScript and PDF files to view/print on 8.5"x14" stock (for Baron/Barclay sleeves, Letter+11%).
Printing   For US Legal: Sources and options for printing table mats onto legal size card stock or cover stock.

Current BridgeMats Program

The current version is B309 (September, 2013) and consists of four files, or a zip thereof:

BridgeMats.txt   The help and license from - read here to see if this program is for you.   The Perl script that produces the table mats.   The PostScript model file (required by
BridgeMats.sw   File of global and movement-specific switch defaults (for   Zip file of the four BridgeMats files for the current version.
Current Version Changes:   The new -W switch controls the width of the print area, from 5 to 8 inches, before any scale factor (-f) is applied. Before version B309, all mats were effectively -W 5.0. The new default is -W 8.0, which was used to newly format all movements that were previously published, as Wide Letter. These mats completely fill a US Letter page. The contents of the middle of the mat have not changed, but the table numbers and arrows have been moved out to the margins. This will allow table numbers to be visible with boards on the table. Furthermore, you can use generic poly sheet protectors, which will be less likely to lift laser print than vinyl. Preformatted mats will only be published in this format, going forward. changed, but should be compatible with prior versions. I found formatted copies of individual movement S0510.IND from Feb 2013, and included them. Standard Mitchell table mats are provided in the wide format only.

2016-05-22: added movement QM0404-S and updated instructions for all Square Mitchell movements, on Wide Letter and this page (.sw file, but no .pl or .zip files change for this quick update).

Late Breaking News   Plans, ideas, bugs, and fixes.

Related No-Charge Software

Active Perl   to format your own BridgeMats from movement files.
GhostScript & GSview   to view formatted PostScript files (both are needed).
Adobe Acrobat Reader   to view formatted PDF files.

Prior Published Versions   Major focus on individual movements: S061421 added; S0311A improved. -m, -M and -R switches added, supporting one or two rovers for larger movements, all of which have been added or reformatted: R0721, R0721R, R0721RR; R0728, R0728R, R0728RR; S0721, S0721R, S0721RR; S0824, S0824R, S0824RR; S0924, S0924R, S0924RR; S1027, S1027R, S1027RR; S1133, S1133R, S1133RR; S1224; S1326, S1326R, S1326RR. Also, H0708 added.   H7RVR-S supersedes HAJ7RVR, -s (print Scorer.htm) added: Scoring Table.   H0812, MB1008, MB1108, MB1412, MB1513, QM0404, QM0404B+ posted,
S0413 repaired; -x (Bowman 2-table appendix) added, -o repaired.   Trivial help/switch changes; H0305 repaired and H0305B+ posted.   Trivial help/switch changes; PDFs and S0413.IND posted.   Recommend +11% (not +15%), preformatted mats posted.   Initial published release.

Last updated: December 7, 2013

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