2014 Novice Schedule (February - May)

When: Mondays, 7pm to 9:30pm

Where: Room 4-149 on the MIT Campus.

This duplicate bridge game will focus on enjoyment and improving fundamental skills. The game is for individuals with little or no club experience, or ACBL members with fewer than 20 masterpoints. We also welcome experienced bridge players if they would like to bring novices to introduce them to the wonderful world of duplicate; however, masterpoints are only awarded to novices.

Each game starts with a 20 minute lesson and then a relaxed duplicate game, where you can ask questions and get help, if needed. Feel free to attend one or all.

Mailing lists - The club maintains a mailing list for novices: mitdlbc-novices at mit dot edu. The list is mainly used for announcements about the Monday Novice Game and for players looking for a partner for the game. If you have an MIT Athena account, you can subscribe/unsubscribe yourself here. Otherwise, you can make subscription requests to mitbridgeclub at mit dot edu.

Contact Vincent at mitbridgeclub at mit dot edu with any questions.

Date Game Location Results Hands
02/04/13 IAP Individual Tournament 4-149 Short Long
02/11/13 Strong 2C and Responses: What to do with strong hands 4-149

02/18/13 NO GAME: Presidents’ Day
02/25/13 Defensive Methods 1: Leads, signals, discards 4-149 Short Long
03/04/13 Weak Twos: Preemptive openings 4-149 Short Long
03/11/13 Weak Jump Overcalls and 3/4-lvl Openings: Even more ways to preempt 4-149 Short Long
03/18/13 Defensive Methods 2: Rule of Eleven 4-149 Short Long
03/25/13 Jacoby Transfers: Improving responses after a 1NT opening 4-149 Short Long
04/01/13 Blackwood, Gerber and Cuebidding: Searching for slam 4-149 Short Long
04/08/13 Negative and Takeout Doubles: Using doubles to show unbid suits 4-149 Short Long
04/15/13 NO GAME
04/22/13 Michaels Cuebid and Unusual 2NT: Two-suited overcalls 4-149 Short Long
04/29/13 Declarer Play: Review of basic techniques 4-149 Short Long
05/06/13 Last Novice Game: Tips and etiquette for playing in a regular club game 4-149 Short Long
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Other documents

How to keep score PDF
Tips on playing faster PDF
Playing the Hand - Declarer play notes from Karen Walker PDF (Link to Karen's page)

Free Bridge Software

Play or watch bridge online: Bridge Base Online

Introductory bridge interactive software (Windows): Learn to Play Bridge 1: Learn bridge basics and Learn to Play Bridge 2: Beyond the basics

IAP Class in January

Scoring IAP Bridge Score Sheet
Chapters 1-4 Counting Points, Openings, and Responses
Chapters 5 Rebids by opener
Chapters 6-7 Overcalls and Responder's Rebids
Chapter 8 Takeout Doubles

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