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Partner Events

Please check out local events hosted by our partner organizations. All partner events are hosted and managed independently by our partner organizations. Please check directly with our partner organizations' contacts listed below for any further details about any partner events. All discounts to MITHAS members, if any, will be listed below.

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MITHAS, in a mission to include the various disciplines of art - performance, vocal or visual, welcomes institutions and professionals who are interested in being part of our family.

Shaping our Partnerships to Purpose To develop a strong partnership with South Asian organizations and social groups, understand and respect the mission of partners, design a strategy to collaborate and cross-promote programs and events, engage and involve people from our communities in the greater Boston area to participate and grow a culturally rich society, a win-win for all

Why MITHAS? “Music is the universal unifying force that touches and enthralls the human soul” MITHAS presents a unique platform to promote music, art, and professional and social services via a collaborative effort by various South Asian organizations to better serve their communities in Greater Boston. The partner page is designed to promote the mission of our partners and unique service they bring to our communities they serve. The partner calendar page publishes the major events and happenings in greater Boston area to not only advertise the events but also functions as a reference to event organizers so they could better coordinate the events calendar and reduce conflicts.

At MITHAS, we are passionate about the cultural traditions of South Asia and it is our mission to share the experiences and knowledge of these ancient and new traditions to an audience from the Greater Boston area. In accordance with this mission, we are in collaboration with several cultural, professional and social organizations that identify with our goal of disseminating this tradition. Organizations are welcome to join us in this mission to share and inform each other and the public of events, news and updates.

Professional and Social Organizations
America India Foundation (AIF) - Nalini Sharma    Asian American Commission (AAC) - Neelam Wali
Asian American Support and Resource Agency & IAL - Archana Singhal    Association of India’s Development (AID) - Raj Saxena
Cambridge Trust - Roma Mayur    India Association of Greater Boston (IAGB) - Rita Shah
Indian American Forum (IAF) - Ravi Sakhuja    Kerala Association of New England (KANE) - Jose Sebastian
LearnQuest - Pradeep Shukla    National Federation of Indian American Associations (NFIAA) - Gope Gidwani
Nanhikali - Kaushal Sanghal    New England Tamil Sangham (NETS) - Padma Balaji
Network of South Asian Professionals (NetSAP)     
Pakastani Assiciation of Greater Boston (PAGB) - Nadeem Akram    Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) - Whitney Riepe, Jennifer Evans
Pratham - Divya Minisandram    South Asian Bar Association of Greater Boston (SABA) - Natasha Varyani
Telugu Association of Greater Boston (TAGB) - Surya Jayanthi    TiE-Boston - Tarangini Suresh
Social and Religious Organizations
Chinmaya Mission - Dr. Gopala and Shashi Dwarakanath      Indian Sat Sangh Organization (ISSO & SEVA) - Bhavik Patel
Self-Realization Fellowship - Praveen Sahay      Sri Lakshmi Temple - Kumar Nochur
Color of India - Sunanda Sahay        
At MITHAS, we welcome cultural institutions and professionals to participate in our efforts to disperse the artistic traditions to a wider audience. We want you to join us in celebrating the arts of South Asia and feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us.
Dance Schools and Promoters
Amra Kojon - Mohitosh Talukdar Taposh      Bharata Kalai School of Dance - Jayashree Bala Rajamani
Chandam Institute of Kathak Dance - Anjali Mitter Duva      Eastern Rythms (Bharatanatyam) - Ranjani Saigal
Natyanjali - Jayanthi Ramamoorthi      Natyanjali School of Dance - Jeyanthi Ghatraju
Nirvana School of Dance and Yoga - Anu Patolawala      Noopur Dance Academy (Odissi) - Jayashree Mohapatra
Rasrang School of Performing Arts - Purnima Risbud      Sanskruthi School of Dance - Sangitha Raghunathan
The Academy of Indian Performing Arts - Anu Patolawala      Noopur Dance Academy (Odissi) - Jothi Raghavan
Thillai Fine Arts Academy - Sunanda Narayanan      Triveni School of Dance - Neena Gulati
Vividha School of Dance - Amulya Deepak      Noopur Dance Academy (Odissi) - Jothi Raghavan
Bharatanatyam - Sangeetha Vijay      Kathak - Archana Prakash
Odissi - Mouli Pal, Upasana School of Dance          
Music Schools
Anubhava School of Music - Tara Anand      New England School of Carnatic Music - Durga Krishnan
Raga School of Music - K. Raghavendra      Raganjali School of Music - Swati Panda
Sargam Academi of Indian Music - Neelima Chaturvedi      The Performing Arts of New England - Darshana Jani
Carnatic Music Instructor - Geetha Murali      Carnatic Music Instructor - Sandhya Sridhar
Carnatic Music Instructor - Valli Bhamidipati      Carnatic Music Instructor - Viji Satya
Hindustani Music Instructor - Anjana Roy      Hindustani Music Instructor - Kumkum Sanyal
Hindustani Music Instructor - Neelima Chaturvedi      Hindustani Music Instructor - Preeti Nagar
Hindustani Music Instructor - Chris Pereji          

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