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MITHAS hosts Hindustani and Carnatic Classical music concerts by inviting high quality musicians from across the globe to present at MIT and the Greater Boston area.  The concerts not only present a forum for the artists to perform but also fulfill our mission of bringing the unique and ancient music to people in the communities we serve.  

We present the concerts split into two concert series annually - a Spring Concert Series, which usually runs from April through June; and a Fall Concert Series, which usually runs from August through November. Typically, each concert series includes around six concerts and special events. MITHAS members enjoy FREE admission to all MITHAS- exclusive concerts at MIT.

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For information, please call MITHAS (617) 258-7971

MIT Students attend all Wong Auditorium concerts free

MITHAS works hard to bring the highest quality performing arts to the Boston Area. We take great pride in our tradition and your continued support has inspired us to excel for over ten years and 100 performances!

We absolutely rely on the generous help of our patrons and members to keep this wonderful vision afloat. By becoming a member you help us plan better, further the cause of arts in the region, provide a platform for talented local artists, and support community outreach programs.

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For further information, please contact us at or call (617) 258-7971. A full program of MITHAS concerts are scheduled this season at MIT. See Concerts for a schedule and ticketing information, or get on our mailing list! Please send comments and suggestions about this website to:

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