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We are a student group dedicated to the reform of marijuana policy. We support the use of medical marijuana, its decriminalization and a common sense approach to drug education.

Our goal is to make MIT students aware of the illegitimacies of the drug war in hopes that education will result in a progression in drug policy. America sentences hundreds of thousands of people every year for non-violent offenses such as marijuana possession. Despite state rulings, the federal government continues to oppress the rights of individuals going so far as to remove the financial aid of students in need. Current drug policies are ill-conceived, racist, and contributes to the corruption and privatization of prisons nationwide. Because of these narrow views, a versatile plant is being demonized and its industrial benefits are squandered at the expense of the environment.

We seek to raise awareness of these issues though events on campus such as festivals, baked sales, speakers, and an annual IAP class.

Joining MITHC

To join the MIT Hemp Coalition, come to one of our meetings on the first Thursday of every month (location TBA), or stop by our booth when you see us in Lobby 10!

Your $5 membership fee gives you an MITHC membership card, as well as discounts on T-shirts and other sales. Also, since we are now NORML affiliated, membership in MITHC will mean membership in NORML starting this fall!

News & Media

Past Events

IAP 2000: For Tobacco Use Only Competition - Pictures

MIT News

The Tech, February 1st, 2000: IAP Activity of the Week: MIT Hemp Coalition
The Tech, September 18th, 2000: Freedom Rally Supporters Protest Marijuana Laws

Other News

The Boston Globe, April 21st, 2000: Pot smokers celebrate high holiday

Other Sites

Mass Cann
High Times
Cannabis News
Jeff and Tracy's Neighborhood

Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2001
September 4, 2001
September 3, 2001

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