Spring 2008 Issue

MIT International Review

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The MITIR Approach

MITIR was born to fill a void in mainstream journalism.  Devoted exclusively to the causes of diagnosing problems and identifying their solutions, MITIR seeks to build a home for objective, creative approaches to discourse on international affairs.  We believe that seemingly intractable global issues demand only new information, new methods of understanding, and new ideas for their resolution.  As these facts and ideas often lie at the nexus of multiple disciplines, we encourage submissions to adopt an interdisciplinary approach.  Whether doing so requires the invocation of economics, political science, urban studies, psychology, cultural studies, or health policy, depends on the unique lens that you employ.  In generating an exchange of ideas, we ultimately endeavor to inspire concrete progress in the global community.

We welcome writings of all types that are submitted in this spirit.  Traditional essays, policy proposals, case studies, original research, editorials, and other methods may be employed to lend insight to issues of global concern.

While we encourage submissions that use data, charts, graphs, and maps to buttress their arguments, we ask that all prose be kept free of technical jargon and esoteric jargon.

Before delivering your completed manuscripts, please send us a brief abstract or summary so that we may respond with feedback in a more expeditious manner.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to reading your submissions!

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