Spring 2008 Issue

MIT International Review

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

How to submit: writer's guidelines

  1. Originality: The paper must contain original and unpublished work.
  2. File Format: Papers should be submitted as Microsoft Word files (*.doc) or as Rich Text Format files (*.rtf).
  3. Length: Maximum words of possible submission categories:
    - Traditional Essays (4000)
    - Original Data-Centered Research (2000, free of all technical jargon)
    - Case Studies (2000)
    - Interviews (1500) (e.g., medical treatments) for the resolution of a global problem
    - Field Reports (1500): For those who can impart an outsider’s perspective on global problems and what is being done about them
    - Work-in-Progress (1200): For those who are pioneering new technologies or services
    - Opinion Editorials (800)
    - Photo Essays (maximum: 10 photographs).
  4. Contact Information: A separate page should list:
    - Name(s) of the author(s)
    - Address
    - Telephone (and fax number)
    - E-mail address
    - Institutional affiliation.
  5. Abstract: The first page of the actual article should contain the following information:
    - Title
    - Name(s) of the author(s)
    - An abstract of no more than 100 words
    - Word count of the article.
  6. Accuracy: Facts in submissions will be reviewed to ensure accuracy.
  7. References should be included.
  8. Figures should not be copyrighted.

Please submit your work to mitir-editors@mit.edu.

Note: After initial submission, writers whose articles are being considered for publication may be asked to resubmit their articles according to more specific guidelines.

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