Belgrade has its own counterpart of the Paris Montmartre: Skadarlija, a bohemian quarter in downtown Belgrade (in Skadarska street). The history of this charming and merry district - where up to 20,000 people gather every day - began in the thirties of the last century, with the settlement of Gypsies in the abandoned trenches in front of the ramparts. The whole locality was called the Gypsy Quarter until 1872, when the street was named after the Albanian town of Skadar (Skader). It can be seen in the 1854 town plan of Belgrade that the Gypsy hovels were replaced with brick buildings into which artisans, caterers, petty clerks and others moved. Skadarlija began to acquire its bohemian character in the last few decades of the last century and particularly after 1901, when the well-known Dardanelles inn was demolished and its guests, well-known writers and actors, moved to the Skadarlija inns, the best known of which were the following ones: Three Hats, Vuk Karadžić, Two Deers, Two Sergeants, Golden Jug, Bandist, East, Guild and others. Đura Jakšić, a well-known Serbian writer and painter, lived and died in Skadarlija. His house has been turned into a meeting place of the poets participating in the Skadarlija Evenings event. The present Skadarlija, which is a remarkable Belgrade tourist attraction, includes well-known restaurants, art galleries and antique and souvenir shops. Its renovation and restoration began in 1968 in accordance with the designs made by Uglješa Bogdanović, a prominent Belgrade architect, who managed to preserve its existing values and introduce modern facilities without interfering with the former.

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