The space which encloses the University Park, between Vase Čarapića and Uzun Mirkova Streets. This is the oldest of Belgrade's squares. In Turkish times, it included an enclosed area for prayers and the Turkish cemetery, which remained here right upto the 1860s. In 1824, the Serbian authorities set up a market-place in one part of what is now the University Park, and this later became the Great Market, one of the oldest and largest in the town (in addition to those on Terazije, at Batal Mosque, on Hajduk Veljkov venac, the Little Market on the Sava and one at Cvetni Square). During the systematic planning of Belgrade in the years after 1869, the shape of Student Square was made more regular. One half contained the Great Market while the other was converted into a park. Then as later, the most beautiful feature of the square was Captain Miša's Building, which had been erected in 1863. After the removal of the market in 1927, the park was extended to cover the whole space. As early as 1897 the monument to Josif Pancić was erected here, and in 1930 the monument to Dositej Obradovic' was moved here from the entrance to Kalemegdan. At one stage, the park also had a drinking-fountain, built in 1880 in honour of Aleksandar Obrenović. Two well-known Belgrade hotels stood in Student Square before the First World War: the Macedonia, on the Vase Carapića Street corner, and the Imperial, next to Captain Misa's Building. At the Uzun Mirkova Street corner of the square, there was a famous restaurant, the Unity. This was demolished in 1935 to make way for the Stock Exchange building which today houses the Ethnographic Museum.

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