The oldest Belgrade restaurant, built in about 1820 for Prince Miloš Obrenović and then presented by him to his trade consul, Naum Ičko. The building was constructed in the Balkan style by craftsmen from Greece and in 1826 Naum Ičko's brother-in law, Ećim-Toma Kostić, opened a restaurant with his own name over the door, the "Ećim Tomina". Tomina was a well-known herbal healer who had done service in the second Serbian uprising he also cured Prince Miloš. His heirs sold it in 1878 and from then onwards it changed names as it changed owners. In 1878 it was called "At the Shepherd's" and then in 1892 its name became "At the Cathedral" (which is nearby). This name had to be immediately removed, because it did not comply either with local regulations or with the views of the Cathedral authorities. As a temporary solution until another name could be chosen, the owner put up a sign with a question mark on it, a soubriquet which has stuck to this day. The "?" has always been a popular venue for the arts fraternity.

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