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Project Data


Davis, CA, located in Central Valley, Putah/Cache Creek Bioregion, 60 miles northeast of San Francisco and 15 miles west of Sacramento

Date designed/planned


Construction completed

1982; built in phases (50 units at a time) from groundbreaking in 1975 to build out in 1982


600-3,000 SF; one 9-bedroom coop house

House building

60% built by developer; 40% built by small contractors and owner-builders

Original sale price/unit

$31,000 - $75,000

2000 sale price/unit

$150,000 - $450,000


60 acres

Project density

4 units/acre

Average vicinity density

3-5 dwelling units/acre

Open space

25% of site in public and community open space

Land use

Residential: 244 housing units (222 single family units, 22 apartments); 800 residents
Commercial office space: 4,000 sf, 15 small businesses
Agricultural uses (vineyards & orchards): 12,000 sf
Open space & greenbelt: 12 ac
Common agricultural land: 12 ac
Two village greens
Community center, swimming pool, restaurant, dance studio, day care center

Land in streets & parking

15% in Village Homes; 22% vicinity

Street widths

23 feet in Village Homes; 44 feet vicinity

Average number of cars

1.8 in Village Homes; 2.1 vicinity

Landscape Architect

Michael Corbett – Town Planners, Davis, CA


Michael and Judy Corbett


Village Homeowners Association

(Table Source: Francis 2003, 9)