Dequindre Cut, Detroit -- History 
 *  Built in the 1830's by the Detroit and Pontiac Railroad, a
predecessor of Canadian national subsidiary Grand Trunk
Western Railroad to link riverfront warehouse district to
Eastern Market and out to suburbs * In 1923, prompted by road congestion and conflict, the
city of Detroit and the railroad began a plan to build grade
separations at a cost shared by both
* Passenger service was discontinued in 1982, freight service
continued only a few years beyond * In 2000 Canadian National sold the 3.5-mile section of
track (including the Cut) * During the 1990's the Dequindre Cut was considered as a
possible freeway access to proposed riverfront Casino
district riverfront location but casinos were built elsewhere, leaving the fate of the Dequindre Cut open
* A 2003 Green Ways Initiative granted the Downtown Detroit
Partnership $98,750 to put plans in motion to remake the
Dequindre Cut as a greenway * Groundbreaking began in 2005 on first 1.2 mile stretch,
funded by another $3.4 million in grants * Trail opened to the public in 2009
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