24.902: Language and its structure II: Syntax


Sept 5 W Introduction part one, part two
Sept 10 M Phrase structure, and more phrase structure
Sept 12 W Even more phrase structure: Handout
Sept 17 M Selection
Sept 19 W EPP, case, and movement: Handout
Sept 24 M A-movement
Sept 26 W Unaccusatives: Problem Set #1
Oct 1 M More on A-movement: VP-internal subjects, raising (rough notes)
Oct 3 W Morphological case and agreement (rough notes)
Oct 8 M Columbus Day--vacation
Oct 10 W Binding theory
Oct 15 M midterm
Oct 17 W Binding theory, continued
Oct 22 M Control (rough notes)
Oct 24 W More control; evidence for vP (handout)
Oct 29 M Hurricane Day
Oct 31 W Double Object constructions; applicatives. (handout) Problem Set #2
Nov 5 M Head-movement
Nov 7 W wh-movement: squib topic due: Problem Set #3
Nov 12 M Veteran's Day--holiday
Nov 14 W Islands (extended handout)
Nov 19 M More islands: Problem Set #4
Nov 21 W Covert movement (handout): drop date: squib draft due
Nov 26 M Why is some movement covert?
Nov 28 W Why is there an EPP?
Dec 3 M Reconstruction: Problem Set #5
Dec 5 W QR, ACD
Dec 10 M Phase theory
Dec 12 W Scrambling: squib due

Some useful links:
Creating graphics of syntax trees that you can paste into homework assignments and papers
And another way of doing the same thing
Drawing trees in LaTeX
a Windows app for drawing trees
LingBuzz, an online archive for articles in Generative Linguistics
Useful Syntax hand signals, available as an attractive poster here.