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Lester C. Thurow
Jerome and Dorothy Lemelson Professor of Management and Economics
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Amar Gupta
Co-Director, Productivity from Information Technology (PROFIT) Initiative
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15.967 Special Seminar in International Management - Offshoring (Spring 2004)

  • Syllabus is available here
  • Readings for class 1 are available here
  • Readings for class 2 are available here
  • Readings for class 3 are available here
  • Readings for class 4 are available here
  • Readings for class 5 are available here
  • Outsourcing Disscussion and Debate: April 24th at MIT

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    Recent Work

  • An Integrated and Collaborative Framework for Business Design: A Knowledge Engineering Approach
  • Global Outsourcing of Professional Services
  • Toward the 24-Hour Knowledge Factory
  • Dr. Gupta participates in "The Outsourcing Revolution" panel discussion at Harvard Business School

    Sources of Market Research

  • McKinsey Global Institute: Offshoring: Is it a Win-Win Game? (internal use only)
  • Office of Technology Policy (US DOC) Reports
  • U.S. Department of Commerce: Understanding the Digital Economy conference
  • Testimony on Outsourcing by U.S. Asst. Sec'y for Technology Policy Bruce Mehlman
  • ICT and Economic Growth: Evidence from OECD countries, industries and firms (100 pg. report)
  • Gartner report on IT outsourcing
  • Forrester report on IT outsourcing
  • GAO: Better Tracking Needed to Help Determine H1-B Program's Effects on U.S. Workforce
  • PMBoulevard: Managing Outsourcing Relationships: Beating the Backlash
  • PMBoulevard: Outsourcing: Is it for you?
  • PMBoulevard: Real World Offshore Development Practices
  • PMBoulevard: Managing Remote Teams (internal use only)
  • Baseline: comprehensive analysis of offshore outsourcing trends
  • Baseline: salary info for 12 countries
  • Online petition against outsourcing
  • IDC: Collaborative Email? Lowering the Barriers to Successful Collaboration

    Related Academic Papers

  • Stanford GSB: When is it Smart to Sell the Factory and Outsource?
  • Stanford GSB: Sell the Plant? The Impact of Contract Manufacturing on Innovation, Capacity and Profitability
  • MIT Industrial Performance Center (to be posted...)

    Recent News Stories

  • Racing the World, The Oregonian - A high-tech pioneer tries to outrun the global forces driving jobs abroad
  • Wired: The New Face of the Silicon Age: How India became the capital of the computing revolution
  • Business Week: The Rise of India
  • NYTimes: The Great Job Machine
  • ComputerWorld: Outsourcing Knowledge Center
  • AP: Dell cancels Indian tech support
  • State of Indiana Cancels Indian Contract:
  • AT&T Wireless Blocks Employees Access to News Stories about Offshoring
  • Forbes: Sam Palmisano speech on US innovation
  • Forbes: Andy Grove speech on US innovation
  • Business 2.0: The Globalization of Talent
  • Fortune: Why Tech is still the Future
  • WashPost, Robert Reich: High-Tech Jobs Are Going Abroad! But That's Okay
  • CIO Magazine: Inside Outsourcing in India
  • CIO Magazine: The Hidden Costs of Offshore Outsourcing
  • California Computer News: What Is To Become Of The American IT Worker?
  • Hindustan Times: Proposed Michigan bill to ban outsourcing contracts
  • US OTP Press Release: Commerce Launches Web Survey on Information Technology Education and Training Programs
  • Will your job move to India?
  • CNet News.Com: When it's smart to outsource
  • CNet News.comOutsourcing wins over governments
  • CNet IT services companies see hope overseas
  • CNN: Jobs abound in India's tech sector
  • eWeek: The Mystery of Offshore Outsourcing
  • Fortune: Where Your Job is Going
  • CNN links on outsourcing
  • WashTech: Seattle Forum Addresses Offshoring of White-Collar Jobs


  • Go4IT
  • Office of International Technology
  • GetTech
  • US Office of Technology Competitiveness
  • Rescue American Jobs
  • Washington Alliance of Technology Workers

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