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Axiomatic Design Summer Course

The Park Center offers a summer course on Axiomatic Design in summer 2008. It is offered as a part of MIT Professional Institute's summer program.

Title of course: Axiomatic Design for Complex Systems

Program Description: Learn how the Axiomatic Design approach helps top-down algorithmic thinking when we design complex systems. We will introduce design principles that enable us to define problems free from preconceived solution; help us see the functional interdependence among the subsystems that is the major source of complexity. We will apply these principles to a number of case studies and industrial examples ranging from large scale systems to nano-scale systems, design for six sigma to design for health-care systems. We will engage the course participants through interactive discussion using where possible the participants own problems.

MIT course number: 2.882

Tuition: $2,000

Classrooms requested: 3-370

Keywords: Complexity, Systems Design, Axiomatic Design, DFSS

Tentative class schedule: June 23-25, 2008 (9:00 AM 5 PM)

For more information on the summer program by MIT Professional Institute, visit MIT Professional Institute

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