60th Birthday Celebration Symposium
"Trajectories and Friends"

Saturday, October 17, 2009
The Green Center for Physics at MIT

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In honor of

Professor of Physics, Emeritus


Mehran Kardar
David Andelman
Susan R. McKay

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8:30 AM Registration - Duboc Seminar Rm
4-331 Breakfast / coffee available
9:00 AM Session A [Chair: M. Kardar] (4-231)

H. Eugene Stanley: Liquid Water, the "Most Complex" Liquid: New Results in Bulk, Nanoconfined, and Biological Environments


Moses Chan: Is Supersolid a Superfluid?


Robert Hallock: Some reasons why helium is special


Michael Fisher: Vortex Reconnection in Superfluid Turbulence

10:20 AM Coffee / Snack break (Room 4-331)
10:40 AM Session B [Chair: S. McKay] (4-231)

Robert Swendsen: Footnotes to the History of Statistical Mechanics: In Boltzmann's words


Selim Berker: Can Brain Scans Teach Us about the Nature of Right and Wrong?


Joel Lebowitz: Rounding of Phase transitions in Random Quantum Systems


Hidetoshi Nishimori: Spin glasses on Hierarchical Lattices: The Best Platform to Test New Ideas

12:00 PM LUNCH BREAK (Green Center)
1:30 PM Session C [Chair: M. Kaufman] (4-231)
3:10 PM Coffee / Snack break (Room 4-331)
3:40 PM Session D [Chair: Joseph Indekeu] (4-231)

M. Cengiz Dökmeci: Hamilton's Principle and Associated Stochastic Variational Principles in Piezoelectricity


Henri Orland: Prediction of RNA Structures with Pseudoknots


Anastasios Malakis: Uncovering the Secrets of the Two-Dimensional Random-Bond Blume-Capel Model; Ground states – Phase diagram – Critical properties


John Joannopoulos: Nanotechnologies for Enhanced Survivability

5:00 PM Conclusion
6:00 PM Reception (Pappalardo Room)
6:45 PM Dinner served (Pappalardo Room)
8:00 PM After dinner program [MC: David Andelman]

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