in Salt Lake City , UT


Dear participants of the 2007 SHELX Workshop at the annual ACA meeting in Salt Lake City. Here are the links to the talks in form of .pdf files:

George M. Sheldrick Introduction to SHELXL Refinement: Restraints, Constraints and Esds.
Peter Müller Refinement of Disorder with SHELXL.
Regine Herbst Irmer Twinning
Thomas R. Schneider Protein Refinement at Atomic Resolution.
George M. Sheldrick SHELXPRO
Ilia A. Guzei Preparing CIF's for Publication. Useful Programs and Common Errors.
Anthony L. Spek Crystal Structure Validation with PLATON.
George M. Sheldrick SHELXD for Large Small Molecules and SHELXC/D for Macromolecular Substructures.
Thomas R. Schneider HKL2MAP
Judit E. Debreczeni Practical Aspects of SAD and MAD.
George M. Sheldrick SHELXE: From Substructure to Structure.
Paul Emsley Coot For SHELXL Users.

Pictures from the SHELX workshop

Other pictures from the 2007 ACA meeting


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