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October 18 - Issue online: Nuclear Proliferation.
October 15 - Issue online: Cloning.
September 17 - Event announcement: Nuclear Waste, MIT, Sept 21, 2004.
September 7 - Press release.
September 7 - Event announcement: Student Pugwash UVA, Sept 25, 2004.
September 6 - Issue online: Renewable Energy.
September 3 - Issues online: Bioterrorism, Climate Change, Nuclear Waste, Stem Cells.
September 3 - Election Guide 2004 online.

Media Coverage

October 7 - Science Voting Guide, The Intersection
September 28 - A Voter's Guide to Science and Technology Issues in 2004 Elections, Tech Policy
September 24 - RESOURCES: Science in the Election, Science v.305 n.5692 pp.1881. [subscription required]
September 20 - MIT Students Write Voter's Guide To Science And Technology Issues, BioSpace News
September 16 - Bush And Kerry On Science, futurismic blog
September 15 - A voter's guide to science and technology in the U.S. Presidential election, Smart Mobs
September 15 - Les élections US, côté science et technologie, nanoblog
September 15 - Where the Candidates Stand on Tech, FutureWire
September 14 - Voter's Guide, California Computer News
September 10 - MIT students write voter's guide to science and technology issues, MIT News Office. [clarification: the bioterrorism brief was written by an intern at the Student Pugwash USA office in Washington, D.C.]
September 7 - Press release.


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