2002 Student Pugwash Northeast Regional Conference

February 22 & 23, 2002
(Friday & Saturday)


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Registration is Free!





For now please RSVP to Pablo Suarez <suarez@bu.edu> indicating:

  1. Number of people in your party,
  2. Names,
  3. Contact details: phone number, address, e-mail,
  4. Your in school: undergrad, grad, post-doc, other,
  5. Organizational affiliation, if any,
  6. Any special dietary requirements,
  7. If you require housing for Friday or Saturday nights, and special housing requests:

  8. Gender, for home-stay match*,
  9. Any other requests.*


* Due to the social nature of our event and the budgetary constraints, accommodations will be made at local participantsí homes.Special requests will be honored when possible, however we make no guarantees.