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September 12, 2022 We are happy to be joined by a new visiting scholar this fall, Aisling Roper, from the Aldridge group at Oxford University. Welcome Aisling!
September 9, 2022 Postdoc Dr. John Andjaba is departing the Rad Lab but will stay in Cambridge as he starts his position with Eli Lilly. Congrats and best wishes, John!
August 31, 2022 We wish recent graduate Dr. Gen Li all the best as he begins his postdoctoral research fellowship with Prof. Chris Chang at UC Berkeley! We look forward to seeing his continued success!
August 29, 2022 Visiting scholar Miki Kurosawa has returned to Waseda University to complete her doctoral research. She was a great addition to the Rad Lab and will be missed!
August 5, 2022 A bittersweet goodbye to postdoc Jeffrey Lipshultz. Jeff has been an integral member of the Rad Lab over the past few years, but we are excited to see what he accomplishes as an Assistant Professor at Stony Brook University! Best of luck Professor Lipshultz!
July 5, 2022 The Rad Lab is lucky to be joined by postdoctoral fellow Dr. Marissa Lavagnino from the MacMillan lab! We also are happy to welcome a visiting high school student, Canaan He. Welcome Marissa and Canaan!
July 1, 2022 We bid a fond farewell to postdoctoral scholar Seung Youn Hong as he begins his independent career at Seoul National University! Good luck Professor Hong!
June 6, 2022 We are excited to welcome visiting scholar Miki Kurosawa from the Yamaguchi group at Waseda University!
May 12, 2022 Our superstar undergraduates Shicheng Hu and Nico Manno have both received awards for outstanding achievement in chemistry at MIT. Congratulations for this well-deserved honor, Shicheng and Nico!
May 12, 2022 Seung Youn has discovered an elegant route to a variety of primary anilines by coupling boronic acids with 2-nitropropane as the N-atom source. Congrats Seung Youn!
May 1, 2022 Gen and former postdoc Yuzuru teamed up to design a less hindered phosphetane catalyst for the cross-coupling of nitroalkanes and boronic acids, now out in JACS. Congrats team!
April 29, 2022 Gen Li successfully defended his thesis! Congrutulations Dr. Li!
April 19, 2022 Dr. Siraj Ali has joined the group as our newest postdoctoral scholar after graduating from UIUC! Welcome Siraj!
April 1, 2022 We are happy to welcome visiting scholar Jaime Ponce de Leon from La Universidad de Valladolid in Spain!
January 26, 2022 We have two new undergraduate researchers in the lab! Welcome Nicolas (Nico) Manno and Shicheng Hu!!
November 29, 2021 A warm welcome to Gear, our newest graduate student!
September 9, 2021 We are excited to welcome our newest postdoc, Dr. John Andjaba, from the Uyeda group at Purdue!
September 3, 2021 Jeff has detailed an impressive three-component condensation of amines, carboxylic acids, and pyridine N-oxides to form 2-amidopyridines, fresh off the press in JACS. Congrats Jeff!
September 2, 2021 Congrats to Gen for his latest JACS paper in collaboration with Merck on a new synthetic route to hydrazines via the reductive coupling of nitroarenes and anilines.
August 2, 2021 We are happy to be joined by Dr. Quinton Bruch from the Miller lab at UNC as our newest postdoc!
June 23, 2021 #ShutdownSTEM 2021. We recognize our responsibility in combating racism in academia and our role in making MIT an anti-racist institution.
May 11, 2021 Jeff's positive influence on the group has been recognized with a departmental Mentorship Spotlight Award! Congratulations!
May 4, 2021 Our fearless leader Alex has been awarded tenure, effective July 1! Congratulations on achieving this milestone!
May 4, 2021 Greg and Connor successfully defended their theses back-to-back! Congratulations, Dr. Cleveland and Dr. Gilhula!
April 28, 2021 Hanna successfully defended her dissertation! We are eager to see what Dr. Moon accomplishes as a postdoc across the Atlantic and down the periodic table in the group of Josep Cornella.
April 5, 2021 We are excited to welcome Seung Youn, our newest postdoctoral researcher, from the Chang group at KAIST!
January 19, 2021 Jeff and Gen published a JACS Perspective on established trends and emergining opportunities in organopnictogen redox catalysis.
December 30, 2020 We will miss Colet as she leaves the group to begin her new role in the Dutch government's Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Congratulations, Colet!
December 29, 2020 Hanna and Ayan published their investigation of σ3-P vs σ5-P speciation in S–H oxidative addition products of nontrigonal phosphorus compounds in Organometallics!
December 11, 2020 Seung Jun's and Akira's discovery of the insertion of a "nonspectator" phosphine ligand into group 10 metal–carbon bonds was published in JACS!
November 19, 2020 Jeff's collaborative effort with researchers at Pitt on phosphorus-catalyzed C–H borylation was published in Chemical Science!
September 10, 2020 Soohyun published her development of a PIII/PV synthetic cycle for aryl C–F substitution in JACS!
September 10, 2020 Gen received the 2020–2021 Bristol Myers Squibb Graduate Fellowship in Synthetic Organic Chemistry. Thanks to BMS for this generous fellowship!
September 4, 2020 Gen's and Nick's work on phosphine-catalyzed C–N coupling of nitromethane with boronic acids/esters was published in JACS!
August 31, 2020 Soohyun received a departmental TA award for excellence in teaching (MIT course 5.04). Well done, Soohyun!
August 15, 2020 Another big day for the group: Colet and Jared's work on addition reactions of a distorted phosphorus triamide was published, and we welcomed Gisselle as the newest addition to our team!
July 28, 2020 Soohyun passed her PhD candidacy oral exam. Keep up the good work, Soohyun!
July 8, 2020 Yuzuru was selected as a finalist for the Reaxys PhD Prize! Yuzuru completed his thesis ("Two-Phase Synthesis of Taxol") with Prof. Phil Baran earlier this year. Way to go, Yuzuru!
June 10, 2020 #ShutdownSTEM
June 5, 2020 Gen presented his research in an oral presentation via Zoom at the 2020 Organic Retreat, an annual event sponsored by Prof. Scott Denmark of UIUC. Hanna and Soohyun also participated by presenting a virtual poster.
May 28, 2020 June graduated from MIT with her B.S. in Chemistry and B.S. in Chemical Engineering! She is also this year's recipient of the Department of Chemistry Research Award for outstanding achievement in chemistry research. June is heading to graduate school in chemistry at Harvard this fall. Congratualtions, June!
May 26, 2020 Krysta defended her thesis and earned her Ph.D.! Way to go, Dr. Dummit!
March 16, 2020 Gen, Trevor, and Julian published their mechanistic understanding of phosphetane-catalyzed reductive C–N coupling of nitroarenes and boronic acids in JACS.
December 23, 2019 Trevor, Gen, and June published a new method for P(III)-catalyzed cascade synthesis of N-heterocycles in Angewandte Chemie!
December 2, 2019 Trevor successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Nykaza! We wish Trevor all the best as he begins his new career with Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals.
October 25, 2019 We have another superstar in our group! Krysta was highlighted in this month's MIT Chemistry graduate student spotlight.
August 30, 2019 Greg's discovery of L/X-type ligand switching in distorted phosphorus-metal complexes was published in ACIE!
August 21, 2019 Julian successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Cooper! Julian will soon begin his new position as a postdoctoral researcher in the group of Prof. Jeff Moore at the University of Illinois.
August 5, 2019 Jared successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Mattos!
July 25, 2019 Despite this summer's intense humidity, Morgan, Jeff, Shin, and Gen leveraged a PIII/PV redox cycle to exhuastively dehydrate amines and carboxylic acids for sequential C–N and C–C bond formation. Check it out in JACS!
June 18, 2019 Connor's research on tetragonal, water-tolerant P(V) Lewis acid catalysts was published in Chemical Science!
May 2, 2019 We wish Seung Jun the best of luck as he begins his independent career among the faculty at POSTECH!
April 8, 2019 We welcome Aya, our newest postdoctoral researcher from the University of Tokyo!
March 25, 2019 We published a new methodology concerning a trialkylphosphine-mediated reductive C–N coupling of nitroarenes and boronic acids.
March 22, 2019 Our fundamental study, in collaboration with researchers at the University of Iowa, Colgate University, and Nalas Engineering, on the biphilicity of nontrigonal P(III) molecules was published in ACIE!
January 11, 2019 Our first paper of the year (on phosphorus-catalyzed electrophilic sulfenylation) has been published in Angewandte Chemie!
November 13, 2018 We are excited that Soohyun Lim, our group's newest graduate student, has joined our team!
November 1, 2018 It was a big day for the group! Trevor's and Julian's discovery that a phosphetane catalyzes C–N cross-coupling of nitroarenes and boronic acids was published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, and we welcomed Colet, a new postdoctoral fellow, to the lab.
July 2, 2018 Postdoctoral researcher Jeff has joined the group!
June 20, 2018 Akira's work on insertion of a phosphorus(III) ligand into a Ru–H bond was published as a JACS communication!
May 25, 2018 We congratulate Avi on her new position as a medicinal chemist at AstraZeneca!
May 15, 2018 Our research team recruited Seung Jun Hwang to join as our newest postdoctoral fellow.
April 17, 2018 Nolwenn, a visiting student from ENS Paris-Saclay, joined the group.
April 6, 2018 Jim's and Connor's paper on the enhanced 1,2-addition reactivity of nontrigonal phosphazenes was published in Chemical Science.
April 3, 2018 Connor received a National Science Foundation graduate research fellowship. Way to go, Connor!
February 21, 2018 Tyler earned his master's degree!
February 1, 2018 Our newest work on phosphetane-catalyzed C-N bond formation was published in JACS. Read about it here.
January 8, 2018 Post-doctoral fellow Morgan joined the group.
November 9, 2017 The group welcomed Gen Li as the lab's newest graduate student.
September 26, 2017 Krysta joined the group!
August 16, 2017 Jim passed his thesis defense and became Dr. Jim!
August 1, 2017 Julian joined the Radosevich research team!
June 29, 2017 Allen's and Hanna's Inorganic Chemistry manuscript on open-shell phosphoranes was published!
May 10, 2017 Trevor's, Tyler's, and Avi's paper on catalytic Cadogan heterocyclization was published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.
April 14, 2017 We have our very own superstar!  Trevor was featured on the MIT Chemistry page in a graduate student spotlight.
April 11, 2017 Jim's catalytic hydroboration paper was published in JACS.  Check it out here.
December 9, 2016 Sean defended his dissertation and earned his Ph.D.  Congratulations Dr. McCarthy!
November 21, 2016 The group outing to candlepin bowling was a success!  Those measly pins never stood a chance.
November 11, 2016 First year graduate students Greg, Connor, Hanna, and Akira joined the group.  Welcome to the RadLab, first years!
September 21, 2016 The Radosevich group acquired a new glovebox.  That makes two boxes for air-free chemistry.
September 1, 2016 Postdoctoral researchers Dr. Avipsa Ghosh and Dr. Ayan Maity joined the group.  Welcome to the RadLab, postdocs!
August 1, 2016 The Radosevich Group relocated from the Pennsylvania State University to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology!