There is no conflict between causality and randomness or between determinism and probability if we agree, as we must, that scientific theories are not discoveries of the laws of nature but rather inventions of the human mind. --Athanasios Papoulis, in Probability, Random Variables, and Stochastic Processes, McGraw-Hill.


I am interested in realizing methodological insights by utilizing Statistical Signal Processing & Computational Intelligence for problems in the earth sciences, ecology or energy. 


Research Projects







A)   Information Models in Ecology, Energy and Environment


Vision-based Mark-Recapture for Conservation (NSF).

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Hurricane Risk Model: Kernel methods, Random fields and simulation of hurricanes.

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Flood Hazard Prediction: Multi-scale differential features, statistical models and phase dynamics. (Microsoft)

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B)   Experimental Fluid Dynamics


MIT Particle Tracker: Tracking lots of moving particles in fluids (NSF)

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Planet in a Bottle: Realtime numerical-physical differentially heated rotating annulus.( NSF)

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The Micro-Sub & Nano-Tags Project (Edgerly)

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C)   Earth Systems Estimation


Data Assimilation by Field Alignment: Representing and minimizing error between fields jointly in  phase and amplitude space. (NSF)

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The Scale-space ensemble filter: Multiscale graphical models for data-assimilation. (NSF)

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Fixed-lag and Fixed-interval Ensemble Smoothing in quick-time: (NSF)

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Data Assimilation by Maximizing Mutual Information (NSF)

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