SP.711: REC Spring 2001 Intensive Seminar #2

Making Motors Move

(taught by Matt "Dexter" Hancher and Ben "Max" Davis)

Some prior electronics and programmable microcontroller experience required (the REC microcontroller seminar is acceptable preparation).

Assignments, schedule, syllabus (tentative):

3/12: Intro to motors, power supplies, motors running @ diff. speeds w/ diff. voltages, gearhead motors, diff. sizes 3/14: switches. SPST. SPDT (with dual +/- supplies). DPDT. relays of all these sorts. protection diodes. solid state relays.
3/19: linear transistor driver. emitter follower. linear driver + DPDT switch or relay. Power dissipation calculations. 3/21: Driving a relay with a PIC. noise considerations in microcontroller circuits. more relay stuff.

Spring Break

4/2: switching FET driver w/ PIC PWM. also w/ a DPDT relay. 4/4: 6-fet h-bridge!!! (w/ no short-circuit protection)
4/9: adding software and hardware protection to a 6-fet hbridge 4/11: steppers, hobby servos.

Other useful resources:

Details of some surplus power supplies we bought

Where to buy mechanical and electrical components (surplus or new)

Datasheets of the components we use

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