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The Management Reporting Project

The Management Reporting Project, started in March 1995, was given a charge to facilitate decision making at MIT by providing consistent data and administrative processes throughout the Institute, direct access to appropriate management information, and relevant analysis tools. A major part of our work involves the replacement of many existing MIT computer and paper-based administrative procedures with a new integrated computer system SAP R/3. We expect our work will streamline and simplify processes, and make administrative jobs broader and more challenging at MIT. 

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What is Management Reporting?


Background on the Project

Objectives and Goals

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What is SAP R/3?

SAP is a cutting edge business software package designed by the German-based software company SAP AG. It is a financial information system used by major corporations in more than 50 countries for financial reporting.

SAP  is an abbreviation for "Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing." In R/3 - the most current version of SAP - the R signifies "real time." The SAP system will help MIT organize and, most importantly, simplify the way it tracks and records financial transactions. "The power of SAP R/3 is twofold," said James D. Bruce, Vice President for Information Systems. "Its integrated nature allows detailed data searches from the most general of reports down to a specific transaction. Also, its real-time processing generates up-to-date reports at a moment's notice. With SAP R/3, reports are easier to compile, and transactions are easier to complete."

MIT was the first institution of higher learning in the US to implement SAP. (The University of Toronto went live with the system in October 1995.)  MIT and the University of Toronto are part of the SAP Higher Education and Research User Group, a world-wide group of universities and research organizations that have implemented, or are about to implement, SAP.

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Benefits of using SAP

Eventually, people in all of MIT's departments, labs, and centers will use the new software for planning and budgeting, purchasing and requisitioning, journal vouchers, billing, revenue accounting, property tracking, year-end close-outs, and labor distribution.

Extensive on-line documentation covering the use of SAP at MIT is available on-line at the Project's operational web site, located at

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The History of Management Reporting

In 1994 a decision was made to review MIT's management systems. It had become evident that timely and accurate management information had become difficult to obtain. This was because MIT had many different information processing systems that did not communicate with each other, resulting in unnecessary duplication of data and work.

In November of 1994 the Management Reporting Process Redesign Team presented its recommendations to the Reengineering Steering Committee. The team's recommendations included:

In March 1995, the Management Reporting and Financial Operations Project was created as a result of these recommendations. A major focus of the project has been the implementation of the SAP R/3 financial system. The first phase of the implementation was completed in September 1996 when SAP became the system of record at MIT. At that time the central financial offices (CAO, Purchasing, OSP, etc.) began to use the software. The second phase - now called Rollout98  - will be completed  when SAP has been distributed to all MIT departments, labs, centers and offices, and users have been trained and given access full functionality of the system.

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Management Reporting Teams

The Management Reporting Project reports to Institute Controller James L. Morgan. The project's leadership team also includes:
  • Robert Murray - Administrative Officer and Communications Manager
  • John Hynes - Rollout Coordinator
  • Linda Lancaster - Manager of Training and Documentation
  • Paul Page - Development Team Manager
  • School and Area Coordinators:
  • Robert Ferrara - I/T  Delivery Director
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    Additional Management Reporting Information

    1. The SAP@MIT website
    2. A description of Rollout98
    3. Articles on the work of the project in Tech Talk and other MIT publications
    4. "SAP Architecture in Use at MIT"
    5. "SAP Modules in use at MIT"
    6. Implementation team reports and report cards
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    Any questions about the Project should be sent via email to Robert Murray

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