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Application for Double Major

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To pursue a double major, students must apply to the Committee on Curricula, 5-115. The double major is available to all registered undergraduate students, provided they meet all eligibility requirements.

To receive a double major, you must complete two CI-M subjects that fulfill the communication component for each major. Typically, this means that you will take four CI-M subjects, two for each program. However, if a subject is approved as a CI subject in both majors, you may use that subject to fulfill the CI-M component of both programs simultaneously, with the approval of the Subcommittee on the Communication Requirement (SOCR). See the Communication Requirement Petition form; contact the Office of the Communication Requirement (5-133; 617-253-2313) for more information.

Students may not pursue a second major in the same area as their primary major. In addition, a second major is not allowed in either field of composite degrees, which combine two different fields.*

Note: Students should consult Student Financial Services regarding any impact that pursuing a double major might have on eligibility for MIT or federal financial aid.

*Examples of composite degrees, also known as joint degrees, include Mathematics with Computer Science (18-C), Computer Science and Molecular Biology (6-7), the SB in Humanities and Science (21S), and the SB in Humanities and Engineering (21E). If a student pursues a 21S degree with the Science portion in Course 8, the student would not be permitted to apply for a second major in Course 8. Similarly, if the Humanities portion of the 21S degree were in Course 21L, the student could not apply for a second major in Course 21L.


Students are expected to plan a double major program in advance and complete it in four or five years. To be eligible, a student must:

If a student wishes to complete a double major as part of the Master's of Engineering (MEng) program in Course 6, the student must apply before entering the graduate phase of the program, even if the student expects to receive the SB at the same time as the MEng.

For double major applications in which Course 2-A is one of the majors to be pursued, the following requirements apply: i) the student must first have an approved 2-A concentration proposal on file with the ME Undergraduate Office; ii) no more than 24 units in the student-designed part of the 2-A program may be required subjects or restricted electives in the other major; and iii) the double major application must be signed by the ME Undergraduate Officer.


The application must be submitted by the Add Date of the term prior to the term in which the student intends to graduate. Applications submitted after this deadline will be considered only under exceptional circumstances.

Changing a Double Major Program

If a student plans to pursue a different degree program within the original department(s), the student must complete a Change of Major Form on the Student Forms & Petitions site. If a student plans to pursue a program that is offered outside one or both of the original departments, the student must file a new application with the CoC by the required deadline. The CoC will review the new application in accordance with the guidelines noted above.

For Further Information:

Committee on Curricula
Catalog and Publications, 5-115
(617) 258-6412;