The Roles Database Application:
Getting Started II

>>>>>>> Rough Draft 1/7/1998 Susan Jones <<<<<<<

Working with Functions

Displaying functions

From the View menu, select Function List (Ctrl+F2).
Result: The "Function List" screen appears.

For each function, the "Function List" screen displays the following fields:

Function NameThe short name of the function.
Function DescriptionA longer description of the function.
CategoryThe code for the function category (i.e., application area) such as SAP or WRHS (Warehouse)
Qual. TypeThe code for the Qualifier Type associated with this function. If you create an authorization with this function, you must specify a Qualifier of this Qualifier Type.

To display more fields, select a function and then clicking the Detail button, or double-click on a function.
Result: the "Function Detail" screen appears.

The additional fields are the following:

Function categoryThe description of the function category (associated with the Category code)
Qualifier TypeThe description of the Qualifier Type (associated with the Qual. Type code)
CreatorUsername of the person who first created this function
Modified ByUsername of the person who last modified this function
Modified DateDate that the function was last modified

As in the "Authorization List" and "Person List" screens, you can select more than one line at a time using Ctl-click (Windows) or Command-click (Macintosh).

As of this writing, the following Selection Sets are available for the "Function List" screen:

Functions by category
Lists authorizations within a specified Function category

Functions by modify-by and modify date
Lists functions last modified by a specified username. An option lets you select only functions that were modified after a given date or before a given date.

Functions for which I can create authorizations
Lists functions that you can pick when creating new authorizations. An option lets you limit the display to a specified function category. If you are not allowed to create authorizations, no functions are displayed.

Creating and updating functions

Talk about who is authorized to create, update, or delete functions. Remind people that they cannot delete a function if it is in use for an Authorization. Say that creating, updating, deleting functions are similar to creating, updating, and deleting Authorizations. You can select multiple rows at once. You need to talk to a programmer to make sure the function does something in the application that it is associated with.>

Documentation for application developers wishing to use the Roles Database ====================================================================

Technical documentation on the Roles Database ======================================= x. Meta authorizations x. Data feeds x. Assumptions about hierarchies in the qualifier table x. Other features we might want to add someday

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