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History of Planning Ideas

In 2007-2008, the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning and the SPURS (Special Program for Urban and Regional Studies) Program jointly sponsored a year-long seminar series on The History of Key Planning Ideas.

The series was a response to criticism that unlike in the 1960s to 1980s, when the field of planning generated many new ideas, lately the field had stagnated somewhat, because of lack of fresh, new ideas. Thus, t he goal of the series was to better understand why and how certain key planning ideas emerged and influenced the field; why some ideas have been transferred from the industrialized to developing nations while others were resisted, and most importantly, to understand the roles of individuals and institutions in framing, importing, and resisting planning ideas.

Currently Professor Sanyal and Professor Lawrence Vale (Professor of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT) and Christina Rosan (P rofessor of Urban Planning at Temple University ) are co-editing a published volume resulting from the series. Other contributing authors to the volume include Patsy Healey and Peter Ward.

For more information on the volume, please contact Christina Rosan: trosan@mit.edu






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