An International Workshop on the Application of Passive Acoustics in Fisheries
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Monday 8 April 2002
1st session:
Passive Listening for fish — what has been done.

Tuesday 9 April 2002
2nd session:
Future developments and applications.
3rd session: Acoustic technology
Special session: Demonstrations of hardware and software.

Wednesday 10 April 2002
Working groups —
production of summary papers


Day 1 Monday 8 April 2002 | April 9 | April 10

8:50 am Opening remarks by Hawkins, Rountree and Goudey

Session 1: Passive listening for fishes — what has been done
Review of programs that have applied passive acoustics to research on fish ecology and fisheries issue

9:10-9:30 "Applications of underwater acoustics data in fisheries management for spotted seatrout, C. nebulosus, in estuaries of South Carolina"
Roumillat* and Brouwer
9:30-9:50 "Locating sciaenid spawning aggregations in anticipation of harbor modifications, and reactions of spotted sea trout spawners to acoustic disturbance" Collins*, Callahan, Post, and Avildsen
9:50-10:10 "Characterization of sounds and their use in two sciaenid species: weakfish and Atlantic croaker" Connaughton*, Lunn, Fine and Tayor

10:10-10:30 Break

10:30-10:50 "Detection and characterization of yellowfin and bluefin tuna using passive acoustical techniques" Allen and Demer*
10:50-11:10 "Acoustic competition in the gulf toadfish Opsanus beta: Crepuscular changes and acoustic tagging" Fine* and Thorson
11:10-11:50 "Passive acoustic transects: Mating calls and spawning ecology in East Florida Sciaenids" Gilmore*

11:50-1:30 Lunch

1:30-1:50 "The use of passive acoustics to identify a haddock spawning area" Hawkins*
1:50-2:10 "Using a towed acoustic array to survey drum spawning sites in the Gulf of Mexico" Holt*
2:10-2:30 "Fish courtship and mating sounds" Lobel*
2:30-2:50 "Use of passive acoustics to identify essential fish habitats in North Carolina" Luczkovich* and Sprague

2:50-3:10 Break

3:10-3:30 "Passive acoustics field research on Atlantic Cod, Gadus morhua L. in Canada" Fudge* and Rose
3:30-3:50 "Soniferous fishes of Massachusetts" Rountree* and Juanes
3:50-4:10 "The mating behavior of Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua)s " Rowe* and Hutchings
4:10-4:30 "Is acoustic calls a premating reproductive barrier between two north-east Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) groups? A review" Nordeide* and Finstad

Day 2 Tuesday, 9 April 2002 | April 8 | April 10

Session 2. Future developments and applications
9:00-9:10 Opening remarks
9:10-9:50 "Potential of passive acoustics applications for coral reef ecology and management" Brainard, Wong*, Luczkovich, and Sprague
9:50-10:10 "Passive detection and localization of transient signals from marine mammals using widely spaced bottom mounted hydrophones in open ocean environments)" Jarvis* and Moretti

10:10-10:30 Break

10:30-10:50 "Acoustic sensing with autonomous ocean sampling networks" Schmidt*
10:50-11:10 "Creating a web-based library of underwater biological sounds" Bradbury and Bloomgarden*
11:10-11:30 "Spotted seatrout spawning requirements & essential fish habitat: a microhabitat approach using hydrophones" Baltz*
11:30-11:50 "Potential for coupling of underwater TV monitoring with passive acoustics" Barans and Brouwer*

11:50-1:10 Lunch

Session 3. Acoustic technology
Review of current state of the art and future developments for underwater acoustic technology, underwater video-acoustic recording technology, analysis techniques and software

1:10-1:30 "Quantifying species specific contributions to the overall sound level" Sprague* and Luczkovich
1:30-1:50 "Passive- and active - acoustical monitoring of marine life using multi-instrumented buoys" Demer*, Needham, and Conti
1:50-2:10 "Application of passive acoustic methods for automatic detection, location and tracking of whales " Clark*
2:10-2:30 "New technologies for passive acoustic detection of fish sound production" Mann*
2:30-2:50 "A remote-controlled instrument platform for fish behavior studies and sound monitoring" Totland, Svellingen, and Ovredal*

2:50-3:10 Break

3:10-3:30 "Classifying fish sounds using wavelets" Wood*
3:30-3:50 "Use of ROVs as a platform for passive acoustics: characterization of ROV noise generation" Rountree, Blue*, and Juanes
3:50-4:10 "Multihydrophone localization of low frequency broadband sources" Forsythe*
4:10-4:30 "Synchronized underwater audio-video recording" Lobel*
4:30-6:00 Special Session — Demonstratons of acoustic/video hardware and software
Clark - Pop-up recorders
Canary and Raven software
Signal software
Hawkins - Avisoft and other software
Mann - hardware, data logger and software

7:00-10:00 Buffet Dinner and Vendor demonstrations

Day 3 Wednesday, 10 April 2002| April 8 | April 9

Working groups — production of summary papers
9:00-11:00 Working group - Biology, Luczkovich - facilitator
11:00-1:00 Working group — Technology and software, Mann - facilitator

1:00-2:30 Lunch

2:30-5:30 Working group - Summing up
2:30-3:30 Future development: Technology and software
3:30-4:30 Potential for passive acoustics, possible joint research projects
4:30-5:30 Bringing it all together, closing remarks (Hawkins, Rountree and Goudey)

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