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MIT's MicroRNA 'sponges' could aid cancer studies
MIT researchers have developed a new way to study the function of microRNA, tiny strands of genetic material that help regulate at least 25 percent of a cell's genes.

MIT Research and Teaching Firsts
... 1977: Phillip Sharp discovers the split gene structure of higher organisms,
changing the view of how genes arose during evolution. ...


Cycling team peddling Nobel jerseys
MIT cycling team members have found a way to combine the scientific excellence in the halls of MIT with their athletic pursuits. To raise money for the team, they asked four Nobel laureates to autograph two official cycling team jerseys.

MIT alum shares Nobel Prize in physiology
Andrew Z. Fire, who received the Ph.D. from MIT in 1983, has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for 2006 together with Craig C. Mello for their discovery of RNA interference -- gene silencing by double-stranded RNA.

Cancer symposium packs Kresge
An audience of 1,300 packed into Kresge Auditorium on June 23 to listen to Nobel laureates and other prominent scientists discuss cancer research.


MIT professors receive Medal of Science
President Bush has awarded two MIT faculty members the National Medal of Science, this nation's highest science honor. Phillip A. Sharp and Stephen J. Lippard were among eight honorees who received the medals at a White House ceremony Feb. 13.

Looking Sharp at Fenway Park
MIT biologist Phillip Sharp shows off his new jersey at Fenway Park on Sept. 30, where the Red Sox honored him as a Medical All Star.

Phillip Sharp appointed to Whitehead Board of Directors
Phillip Sharp, Nobel laureate and founding director of the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has been named to the Board of Directors of Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research.


NCI grants encourage new approaches to cancer research
The National Cancer Institute recently awarded grants to nine institutions, including MIT and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, to establish integrative cancer biology research programs.


Dalai Lama enlists science in quest for 'a happy mind'
The Dalai Lama appeared on the Kresge Auditorium stage to start the conference "Investigating the Mind: Exchanges Between Buddhism and the Biobehavioral Sciences on How the Mind Works."

RNAi could provide instant cures
Professor Phillip A. Sharp, director of the McGovern Institute for Brain Research, says a method of controlling gene expression called RNA interference (RNAi) may provide instant cures.


MIT researchers close in on RNA splicing code

HIV-1 virus production inhibited in the lab  

RNAi "breakthrough of the year" MIT helps make RNA interference "breakthrough of the year"
MIT and the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research have been involved from the start in this recently discovered method of turning off genes using short pieces of RNA.


Sharp Is Named An Institute Professor

Nobel Prize News - 1993

Sharp Awarded Nobel Prize s

Sharp Garners Share of Nobel Prize