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50th anniversary celebration

Photos: Justin Allardyce Knight
Dean Philip Khoury (left) and his wife, Professor Mary Wilson (far right) with alumnus Dr. Kenan Sahin, whose $75 million gift to the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences was announced at the gala, and his fiancé, Ms. Andrea Notman.
 "How Do Artists Tell Their Stories" colloquium participants: (left to right) MIT musicologist Ellen T. Harris, novelist Anita Desai, composer John Harbison.
 Mrs. Rebecca Vest and MIT President Charles Vest, who announced the Sahin gift at the gala held at the Museum of Fine Arts.
 (left to right) SHASS historians John Dower and Pauline Maier and University of Cambridge cultural critic Gillian Beer address "How Do History and Memory Shape Each Other," one of four colloquia marking the SHASS celebrations.
 SHASS 50th Anniversary Medal winners (left to right): Harvard philosopher Hilary Putnam; Dame Gillian Beer; Stanford economist and Noble laureate Kenneth Arrow; Pulitzer Prize–winning poet Louise Glück, of Williams College.




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Spring 2001