SHASS Rewards & Recognition Program winners

The Infinite Mile Awards are part of MIT's Rewards and Recognition Program (R&R) and are designed to support the goals and values of the School.

The R&R Program was instituted in academic year 2001 to recognize and reward members of MIT's administrative staff, support staff, service staff, other academic staff, and faculty (when part of a team being recognized and rewarded).

The SHASS Infinite Mile Awards were drawn from five categories: the "Community Builder Award," the "Go-to-Person Award," the "Positive Energy Award," the "Unsung Hero Award," and the "Innovator Award."

Recipients of the awards have made exceptional contributions to organizations within the School, as well as exceptional contributions benefiting the entire School and the Institute. The program encourages broad-based recognition for exemplary MIT employees. Award recipients are expected to represent the best of SHASS employees, and should consistently exhibit outstanding work performance.

The awards were based on an open nomination process. All members of the MIT community (internal and external) were invited to nominate those deserving of reward and recognition.

SHASS 2007 Infinite Mile Award Recipients, 2007. Front row, from left to right: Jeff Pearlin, Shannon McCord, Victor Belanger, Magdalena-Rieb; top row, from left to right: Jessica Colon, Sarah Wolozin, Jennifer Molina, and Matthew O’Toole

Spring 2007 SHASS Infinite Miles Awards

Community Builder Award
Sarah Wolozin, Program Manager, Comparative Media Studies


Go-to-Person Award
Jeff Pearlin, Computer Support Assistant, Foreign Languages and Literatures


Positive Energy Award
Jennifer Molina, Administrative Assistant, SHASS Dean's Office
Matthew O'Toole, Administrative Assistant, Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies


Unsung Hero Award
Victor Belanger, Piano Technician, Music and Theater Arts
Jessica Colon, Senior Administrative Assistant, Economics
Shannon McCord, Administrative Assistant, Foreign Languages and Literatures


Innovator Award
Magdalena Rieb, Program Coordinator, SSP, Center for International Studies


Other Academic Awards
Continued outstanding service and innovative teaching.
Dagmar Jaeger, Lecturer, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Mya Poe, Lecturer, Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies
Charles Shadle, Lecturer, Music and Theater Arts