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There are just some things every MIT student should know: For quick and easy ordering and delivery of food (with discounts!) from many Boston/Cambridge area restaurants, this is a spectacular site! - Reviews of restaurants in the area, menus + a sort of Reuse/Resell-like posting board, where one can sell or acquire used furniture, textbooks, etc. - Lost? The little purple gnomes draw up nice maps for you to find your way around campus

MBTA - The front page for Boston's premiere public transportation, the MBTA (known simply as the "T"), including maps, fares, and times

Boston Cab Companies - For when the T just ain't good enough

Shopping around Boston - Had a bad day? Feeling the urge to shop until you can spend no more? Check here for ideas!

The Galleria - Of course, don't forget the Galleria Mall, just a quick wave ride or 20 minute walk away!

The MIT Gallery of Hacks - See the pranks pulled through the long - and humorous - history of MIT.

MIT Jargon - get to know your MIT terms, like cruft (computing miscellany), foo ("fill-in-blank") and hacking (pranks, spelunking, or traditional meaning)

LSC - see what movies the Lecture Series Committee (LSC) is playing soon, and find out about joining...and getting free movies and food!

Movies at Fenway Theatre and Kendall Square Cinema and the Loews Theatre in Boston Commons; and don't forget Fandango, so you can order your tix aheadoftime

Emergency Phone Numbers on Campus

Finally, some mailing lists. To add yourself to a list, execute "blanche $LISTNAME -a $USER" at an athena prompt.

reuse: where people post their old stuff once they've dumped it in a random area of MIT, and how others pick it up - for FREE

reuse-sell: same idea, except for $$$

MIT-talk: campuswide discussion list

EC-discuss: not for the faint of heart ;p