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Slugfest is a co-ed undergraduate living group on the fourth floor of the east parallel of East Campus. Our name hearkens to back in the day, when people on the hall tended to take five years to graduate or hung around MIT for a few extra years to get their masters or a PhD. We're a pretty quiet, studious bunch - or so we like everyone else to think. It's always the hall you least suspect.
Anyway, if you're curious, go visit our constitution.
A group of enterprising slugs has started a wiki.

Hall Chairs: Jenn Gagner & Matt Fishburn (elections held during the Spring semester)
GRT(s): Aaron Bader
Kitchen Czarina: Alison Cichowlas (I can't say her last name either)
Baking Terrorists: Liz Power! and Gina Angelosanto
WhiteBoardComm: Karen Chu
Geek Chair: Matt Fishburn
HellComm: Chris Grammer and Clay Viands
Cocoa Chair(s): Andrew Westerdale, Emily King and YinMonMon Aung
SoapComm: available

Traditions and Notable Hall Activities
Aside from wide acceptance of crvfting and physics/mathematics discussions as real forms of entertainment on the hall, we have a variety of things that make us "Slugfest."

Cocoa - Every school night (Sunday-Thursday), promptly at 11 pm, one can hear the cacophonic calls of "Cocoa! Cocoa!" echo through East Campus. Or at least we hope you all can hear us. The idea is for everyone to take a break from tooling, to come out and join their fellow slugs for a hot mug of cocoa (bring your own mug and spoons, we provide the rest) for a few minutes. Come on, join us and our chocolatey goodness. You know you want to.

Formal Cocoa - Held once a semester, a night where we all dress up (or dress down) and drink gourmet cocoa and special cookies/cake/etc.

Frosh Movie Night - Quite unofficial - but the residents of 4e are prone to watching lots of movies late at night in empty lecture halls. While some of the 2004 students did this nightly (watching a total of 200+ movies and walking out on only The Star Wars Christmas Special), this year's frosh have kept up with the tradition on at least a weekly basis.

Hall Feeds - Most halls conduct these. We hold ours often, and they are rife with tasty foods! The feeds are paid for by Slugfest (funds are acquired at the beginning of the term at the budget meeting) and organized by hall residents. This year's feeds included the Fruit Feed (fresh fruit from Haymarket!), Mike's Pastries Feed, and the Homemade Pizza Feed.

Happy Cocoa! - If your birthday is sometime during the term (and if it isn't, change it), go sign your name and birth date on the sheet up in the Walcott lounge. Then our Baking Chairs (TM) will bake you a cake and we'll all sing a discordant "Happy Birthday!" May result in deafness, but also in definite happiness.

Random Acts of Kindness - After our budget meeting, we usually have a sizeable amount left over for what we call "Random Acts of Kindness Fund." If during the semester, any unexpected expenditures for the hall come up, or if anyone has a good idea for something, the money can be acquisitioned from the hall chairs and spent on the idea. Past "Random Acts" have included numerous bestowals of baked goodness from our Baking Chairs, purchasing of crvft to enhance the hall's computing experience, etc.

Secret Anthony - Slugfest "Secret Santa" V4.6 - now entering it's 46th year of tradition, as of 2005. Initally Secret Santa, then Secret Satan, and now Secret Antony - a "Secret Santa"-type gift exchange combined with "Formal Cocoa."

Slumber Party! - On the last night of the semester, when desk is renting movies for free, we go occupy Talbot Lounge for the night and watch a bunch of movies, from 8pm to 8am. Hardcore watchers stay - and stay up - the entire night.

The people on slugfest tend to cook and bake - it is vital that our kitchens are kept sanitary and that everyone follows the rules set down by alisonc, the Kitchen Czarina. Kitchen space is allotted to residents at the beginning of the term per request. We ask that, when you're in the kitchen, be courteous. This includes: trying to keep the sink free of dirty dishes, trying to keep the surfaces in the kitchen clean (this includes wiping down the counters and stove when you're done cooking), don't take other people's stuff without permission (and if you do borrow it, please clean it and return it to the place you found it when you're done with it). Date all foods you put in the fridge, and try to use it up or throw it away before it gets too gross. In addition, keep in mind the microwave is possessed and has been known to turn itself on when no one's around or cook your food overtime. Try not to leave it alone if you're using it. And finally - rinse the sponges when you're done with them and put them on the outside rim of the sink. Thanks! For a copy of the kitchen rules, enforced by Alison (the kitchen czar) and any kitchen nazis, look no further.

By now, you've probably noticed the extreme concentration of Course 6ers on this hall, how a few people (at least) are running multiple (as in multiple order of magnitudes) computers on the hall, and how much more crvfting is done here than on most other floors of East Campus. No, we aren't all computer geeks here - this hall is fairly diverse in its residents' activities and interests - but many of us do have an appreciation for fine computing. We have two Athena stations running out of Goodale lounge - Blueshift and Shadowrunner - that are meant for residential use (they are maintained by fish). In addition, we have two RCCs (residential computing consultant) on the hall, Amy Eastment and RongRong Hu. Go pester them with questions. It's fun!
But seriously, if you have a problem with your computer, we can probably fix it. Trust me.

We're not all tooling fiends here on 4E, and you'll often find an accumulation of slugs lazing about in the hallway or lounges. Some of the popular hall activities include: ping pong (we have a table stashed on the hall), watching movies and playing video games on our hall projector, baking, puzzles, and electronics projects. In particular, residents have built a talking "cocoa table" that announces that special time every night, wired up music for one of the hall bathrooms, and built other personal, miscellaneous projects that are scattered up and down the hall. Residents also enjoy a good game of frisbee or "hall dodgeball" every once and awhile...

Room Wars Info
During room wars, the hall members rank their choice of rooms (not all rooms need to be ranked), leaving theirs last on the list - no one will ever receive a room worse than their current room. Squatters list their own room, and turn in the forms - and are then gauranteed the same room for the following year. Priority is then evaluated based on a) the amount of time spent living on the hall and b) the amount of terms spent at MIT (in increments of semesters - these numbers a following year. Priority is then evaluated based on a) the amount of time spent living on the hall and b) the amount of terms spent at MIT (in increments of semesters - these numbers are added together to make a base-priority), and c) consideration for their current room size; people who have lived in aunt of terms spent at MIT (in increments of semesters - these numbers are added together to make a base-priority), and c) consideration for their current room size; people who have lived in a smaller room (and for a longer time) will have higher priority than hallmembers of the same year/time spent 4e who are in larger rooms. For hallmembers who have the same priority (ie freshman living in doubles) priority will then be established randomly within the group by the hall chairs, and then used for assignments of rooms. For further clarification of room wars rules, track down one of our prestigious hall chairs; they'll know more about it.

Room Information

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Hall floorplan - PDF - GIF