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Note: the comments were taken from the original page from a long time ago. Please don't flame us about them.

The women of 4th East swoon over Chris, the hall tutor.
The rest of us don't look that impressive though...
The babes of 4E. How do I order one?
The legs of 4E. I'll take a pair to go...
Christina and Amy pose in spandex and uhhhhhh, whatever it is they're wearing.
Amybug seems startled. Perhaps this wasn't the best time to take a picture...
Jack and Katie, joined at the hip.
So, which one is the sapient being and which one is the stuffed bear?
Arthur (Barry) and the Tick (Derek) strike a manly pose.
Clark Oppenheimer (Chris) expands his manly chest and frowns at the photographer.
We (Christina and Amy) are a hedge. Nothing to see. Move along.
The Chainsaw Vigilante (?) needs a larger chainsaw...
The Running Man (Jamie), faster than 10 fast men, runs in place for a photo op.
Paul the Samurai (Derrick) cleverly conceals his katana in a loaf of French bread while the Tick (Derek) strikes yet another manly pose.
Chris commits unimaginable violence upon a turkey.
The not quite complete mural in Steph Tai's old room. Wonder whatever happened to that snorklewacker...

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