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The Industry and National Research Institutes (NRIs) provide invaluable support to the SMA programmes. Besides being given the opportunity to interact with industry specialists and leverage on a large pool of research expertise, SMA students have access to facilities not usually available in universities. Similarly, NRIs also provide SMA students with an avenue where they can apply their acquired knowledge to solving real industrial problems and scenarios. SMA’s close collaboration with the industry and NRIs contributes to the nurturing of Asia’s top talent making them valuable assets to the knowledge-based economy.


SMA’s industrial partners and the NRIs have been offering industry-related or research projects for the SMA Internship Programme.

These projects afford real-life work experiences for students to use their initiative and creativity as well as stretch their potential and ability. The students are challenged to deploy problem-solving skills and apply new strategies to combat real and industry-related problems. They are also exposed to challenging areas of work and leadership training, giving them an opportunity to familiarise themselves with industry requirements.

The Internship programme enables the companies to evaluate the quality and potential of SMA students as prospective employees.
An IMST Theme project in progress
The organisations that participated in the S.M. Internship Programme (2003/2004) are:
1. A & P Co-ordinator Pte Ltd
2. Accord Express Holdings Pte Ltd
3. Advanced Materials Technologies Pte Ltd
4. Agilent Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd
5. Bioinformatics Institute (BII)
6. BuzzCity Pte Ltd
7. Centre for Advanced Computations in
    Engineering Science (ACES)
8. Centre for Microwave and Radio Frequency (CMRF)
9. Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd (CSM)
10. Crimsonlogic Pte Ltd
11. Data Storage Institute (DSI)
12. Dow Chemical Pacific (S) Pte Ltd
13. DSO National Laboratories
14. elipva Ltd
15. Encentuate Pte Ltd
16. Eudyna Devices Asia Pte. Ltd
17. Hewlett-Packard Singapore (Pte) Ltd
18. Institute for Infocomm Research ()
19. Institute of Materials Research and Engineering        (IMRE)
20. Institute of Microelectronics (IME)
21. Knowledge Touch Pte Ltd
22. Manico Technologies
23. Merck Sharp and Dohme (Singapore) Ltd.
24. Micron Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd
25. MMI Holdings Ltd
26. Motorola Electronics Pte Ltd
27. Nanomaterials Technology Pte Ltd
28. NCS Pte. Ltd.
29. Philips Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd
30. ReasonEdge Technologies Pte Ltd
31. Seagate Technology International
32. SembCorp Logistics Ltd (SembLog)
33. Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd
34. Singapore Airlines Ltd (SIA)
35. Singapore Food Industries Limited (SFI)
36. Singapore Institute of Manufacturing        Technology (SIMTech)
37. Sun Microsystems Pte Ltd (SUN)
38. Superior Multi-Packaging Limited
39. Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Co. Pte.        Ltd. (SSMC)
40. Temasek Laboratories
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