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Administrative, Professional and Non-Academic Staff Training and Development

In a bid to remain relevant to the new economy, all staff members are constantly encouraged to upgrade and learn new skills that match the demanding needs of the changing economy. The courses conducted for the staff range from specialised programmes on communication and language, personal effectiveness and change management to computer-based training on Microsoft Office tools and desktop publishing.

International Exposure

Encouraging SMA’s Singapore Fellows to attend overseas conferences and undertake research at MIT and other universities has led to greater international awareness about SMA.

In 2003/2004, Singapore Fellows and Associates attended a total of 11 conferences, 3 meetings, 4 symposiums, 1 workshop and 1 overseas congress. A total of 10 trips were made to overseas universities for research collaboration, of which 9 were to MIT and 1 to another university.

At the same time, foreign lecturers were invited to collaborate in research projects as well as conduct seminars for SMA students and the academic staff of both NUS and NTU.




SMA Fellows’ Retreat

The fourth SMA Fellows’ Retreat took place at the Orchid Country Club on 12 December 2003. A total of 38 participants from the five programmes, including the SMA management and administrative staff, actively participated in the event.

Staff Retreat

On 27 February 2004, 31 SMA administrative staff attended the second Staff Retreat, held at the Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa Resort.

The one-day retreat was successful in raising awareness of co-workers’ relationships and working styles among one another. It also generated constructive ideas related to the numerous discussion topics.

This event underlined the SMA management’s conviction that a shared vision and open knowledge are crucial to an all-rounded and efficient organisation.

After a rigorous discussion among the staff members and management, three groups were formed to follow up with proposed actions and targets set during the staff retreat.

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The fourth SMA Fellows’ Retreat
The second SMA Staff Retreat
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