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SMA Connect

SMA Connect, SMA’s very first electronic newsletter was launched in October 2003. The e-newsletter is accessible at: It aims to inform and promote awareness among counterparts, industry partners, funding bodies students and staff of SMA’s events and activities.

SMA Connect showcases an overview of SMA’s most recent activities. It also looks at what SMA has to offer as an interactive distance education programme through the various sections of the e-newsletter website. Each section links to a separate category that outlines first-hand information pertaining to SMA’s research, education, publicity and events.


National Grid Pilot Platform

The National Grid Pilot Platform (NGPP) is the first phase of Singapore’s cyber infrastructure. Unveiled in November 2003, NGPP is an initiative which aims to assist local universities and research bodies in pooling and sharing high-end computing resources, such as processing power and storage. The NGPP aims to support Grid Computing for specialists in academia, research and industry.

The stakeholders in the NGPP include research bodies such as the Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Defence Science and Technology Agency, Economic Development Board, Infocomm Development Authority, NUS, NTU and SMA.

SMA is proud to participate in this national initiative and contribute computing resources to the NGPP resource environment. The NGPP resource environment comprises heterogeneous computing resources across a variety of platform from institutes of higher learning to research institutes.

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