Singapore–MIT Alliance
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Goals & Principles

The Singapore-MIT Alliance is based upon several fundamental goals and principles:

Academic partnering

The Alliance will set a new standard for international collaboration in graduate research and education. In accomplishing this goal, the SMA will promote academic excellence in engineering education, both in Asia and other areas of the world.

Economic development

SMA's world-class graduate research and education programmes will prepare young engineers to become leaders of the technologically-driven economy that is vital to Singapore's future. The Alliance will also attract multinational research and development organisations to Singapore.

Distance learning

MIT will expand its role as a global university by setting a new standard for contact-intensive distance education and research collaboration.

Research opportunities

Collaboration among MIT, NUS and NTU faculty will expand and invigorate the global engineering community. These activities will take place without the typical time and geographic constraints associated with academic collaboration.

Academic excellence

SMA will strengthen Singapore's position as a centre of academic excellence. The programme's emphasis on collaboration and academic rigor will be reinforced through residence programmes and advisory relationships that bring the intensity, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit that is the MIT experience to the Asian continent.

Expanded curricula

The course offerings, research projects and seminars conducted through SMA will form the basis for enhancements to curricula offered on all three campuses.

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