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Industrial Partners

Excellence Through Partnership

One of the primary goals of the Singapore-MIT Alliance is to foster innovative, global partnerships among faculty, students and industry.

Industrial Partners

SMA students work with renowned companies in high-technology industries of Singapore through collaborative projects and research, as well as industry sponsorships. These relationships enrich the student experience and directly contribute to improving the knowledge base of Singapore's international and regional economies.

SMA students participate in industrial projects through structured internships with specific enterprises or receive sponsorships from National Research Institutes. Sophisticated, state-of-the-art university laboratories are made available for these efforts. Strong emphasis on initiative and innovation challenges the SMA students to develop creative solutions to complex issues and apply them to resolving actual industry-related problems.

Student Projects

The following projects, completed by SMA students, illustrate some of these industry issues:

Strategic Analysis and Formulation of Supply Chain

This project proposed an alternative for improving current supply chain to improve its global expansion. A proposed decentralised supply chain model of a large international enterprise considers a holistic solution for management while addressing all the challenges of decentralisation.

On-Line Calculation and Optimisation: Application of Reduced-Basis

Approach to Microelectronic Packages

Modern electronic devices are getting smaller while their operating frequencies are getting higher. Higher heat generation rate from the silicon die undermines device stability. This report addresses the critical thermal dissipation path from the silicon die to the ambient, using a reduced-basis method developed from a number of full-scale finite element analyses.

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Sponsoring Organisations

Organisations that sponsor SMA interns include:

Book Prizes, Sponsorship, and Placement

To recognise exceptional talent in Asia, the National Research Institute and industry partners award book prizes to top students in specific courses and to the best overall student. In addition, some industry sponsors award from S$800 to S$1000 monthly to augment existing scholarships. The majority of SMA graduates are highly sought after for regional employment. SMA assists with job placement in some of the finest organisations in the region.


To become an industrial partner, or to learn more about upcoming programme graduates, please contact: smart@nus.edu.sg.

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