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Funded Projects

Explorer Grant (Student Teams)

  1. EG09001 EventHive: Provides tools and analytics for organizers that leverage social media to drive attendance, attract sponsors, improve content, gather feedback, and supply analytics (Faculty Mentor: Edward Barrett, MIT).

  2. EG09002 Bigger Picture: A multi-player Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game for the iPhone and iPod Touch, in which players interact with their devices placed side-by-side (Faculty Mentor: Tony Eng, MIT).

  3. EG09003 Integrated Collaboration Environment (ICE) For Search: A tool supporting collaboration in web search featuring new innovative functionalities such as group search trail indexing and building upon existing collaborative search tools (Faculty Mentor: Benjamin Gan Kok Siew, SMU).

  4. EG09004 Warpy Boy: An art-focused 2D puzzle platform game that emphasizes heavily on the visual and interactive aesthetics of games, and games as an art form (Faculty Mentors: Vladimir Todorovic and Martin Constable, NTU).

  5. EG10005 LifeAtEvent: An online portal and a mobile application that focuses on three different stages of an event: Pre-event, Current-event and Post event (Faculty Mentor: Patrick Khor, Temasek Polytechnic).

  6. EG10007 Limerence: A game about obsession in love through the use of expressing what it means to give and take (Faculty Mentor: Kenneth Feinstein, NTU).

  7. EG11008 Showroom : A web application that organizes and simplifies learning in lectures, allowing you to focus and retain the most important information, so as to increase the capacity to learn and process information. (Faculty Mentor : Simon Lui, SUTD)

  8. EG11010 Phaseshift : Threats Beyond the Network : An arcade shooter similar to space invaders but with several twists to the traditional gameplay, produced as Plasystation@ minis title (Faculty Mentor : Andrew Lam, NYP)

  9. EG 11011 ChangiNow : A mobile application that Balances the Supply and demand of Taxis in Changi Airport: Using real time passenger arrival data and real time taxi supply data to build a queuing model that accurately predicts expected waiting time. Information to be provided to taxi drivers via a mobile application. (Faculty Mentor : Carlo Ratti, MIT)