Welcome to SP.784 “Wheelchair Design in Developing Countries” (WDDC)! This class will be offered as a 9-unit seminar during the 2010 spring semester. WDDC will give students the opportunity to help the 20 million people who need wheelchairs in the developing world by collaborating with local partners and US/European wheelchair specialists to create new technology and business opportunities for developing country wheelchair workshops. WDDC has been made possible by support from the Hugh Hampton Young Memorial Fellowship, the NCIIA, and an MIT Alumni Sponsored Funding Opportunities grant, with additional support from the MIT Public Service Center, the Edgerton Center, and D-Lab.

Peruse the website to find out more about WDDC. For specific information about the course, see the Course Info page. For descriptions of class projects, check out the Projects page. To learn about the local workshops with which WDDC will be collaborating, see the People page. Check back often to see new info added to the site as the spring semester approaches! For more information, please contact Amos Winter.


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