These selections showcase interviews, stories, projects, and courses, past and current. They change relatively frequently. To find past selections, see the links below.


2005 marks the 80th anniversary of the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architects.

Aichi, Japan will host EXPO 2005 from 25 March to 25 September. The theme is "Nature's Wisdom."

In honor of these occasions, Selections during 2005 will feature works inspired by Japan, writings translated into Japanese, interviews and discussions with Japanese colleagues, and work by my Japanese students.


Past Selections

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Letter from my Henyard, translation, 2005
Transforming the Urban Landscape,wplp/class,1998



Light Color Place, images/words, 2004
Building the Urban Landscape, interview, 2002
One with Nature, artist’s book, 2001
You Just Don’t Leave Family, digital story, 2002
Landscape as Process, exhibit, 2003
Crystal’s Story, WPLP, 2002
Transforming the Urban Landscape, class, 1996
Transforming the Urban Landscape, wplp class, 1997

Mill Creek Mini Golf, class, 1998
Harvard Bridge, photo essay, 2003
Quincy Navy Yard, class/photo essay, 2002