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Eiken Kobai Sensei’s New Book Now Available!

Monday, October 8th, 2007

THE TRUE AND REAL WORLD OF SALVATION is Eiken Kobai Sensei’s new book on Shin Buddhism.

Eiken Sensei is - in the view of many - the greatest teacher of TRUE Shin Buddhism alive today. I am very blessed to call him my mentor and my friend.

The book is being published by Rev. Josho Adrian Cirlea, a Shin Buddhist Priest in Romania, through his publishing house, Dharma Lion Publications.

Copies will also be available within the next 10 days from the BCA Bookstore in San Francisco, CA.

We will, in the near future, also be making the book available online on Eiken Sensei’s Shin Buddhism Study Center website.

Thanks much to Adrian for his valuable service to the worldwide Shin Sangha.

Paul R.