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Re-Publication of Eiken Kobai’s UNDERSTANDING JODO SHINSHU

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Dharma Friends -

Rev. Josho Adrian Cirlea of Romania runs a publishing house called DHARMA LION PUBLICATIONS.

He has decided to publish Eiken Kobai Sensei’s UNDERSTANDING JODO SHINSHU.

Here’s a link to his page:

He is also in coversation with Eiken about publishing Eiken’s new English language book, THE TRUE AND REAL WORLD OF SALVATION.

In my view, Eiken Kobai is the foremost Shin Buddhist teacher of TRUE Shin Buddhism in the world today. He is absolutely committed to share Shinran’s Rennyo’s Dharma Teaching AS IT IS - without adding or subtracting anything from the pristine Dharma teaching of our primal teachers.

I have made it my business to make sure that Eiken was introduced to the Western World, by putting his English language teachings up on the net at . Now, our friend Adrian is taking the next step, for those who want to add Eiken’s books to their own library.


Paul R.

Eiken Kobai’s Books In Downloadable Format

Monday, March 19th, 2007

A number of people have mentioned that they’d like to have hardcopy versions of Eiken Kobai Sensei’s two books, Understanding Jodo Shinshu and Misunderstandings of Master Rennyo.

I’ve created PDF versions of them both, which you can either read onscreen, or print off on a printer.

You’ll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available at

Here are the links:

Understanding Jodo Shinshu is in 3 parts.

Link for Misunderstandings of Master Rennyo

Kobai Sensei’s Shin Buddhism Study Center

Wednesday, December 21st, 2005

This message is being broadcast to those interested in the True Teaching, Practice and Realization of the Pure Land Way, as expounded by both Shinran Shonin and Rennyo Shonin.

Please forward it to anyone who you think would be interested.

Some of you know that several of us have been working on a project to make the True Teaching of Shinran more widely available on the net by providing a teaching website for Eiken Kobai Sensei - one of the world’s leading scholars of True Shin Buddhism.

I’m happy to say that project is now complete. The site URL is (more…)

“Misunderstandings of Master Rennyo” by Prof. Eiken Kobai

Monday, June 27th, 2005

Professor Eiken Kobai’s book “UMisunderstandings of Master Rennyo” is now available online at his website, The Shin Buddhism Study Center.

Rennyo was the critical figure in reviving the Shin sangha when it was moribund, only 200 years after Shinran’s death. His genius was in understanding that the wisdom and scholarship of Shinran needed to be boiled down to the basics so that common people could grasp this dharma message. By doing that, he opened the dharma gates WIDELY - and countless people received the true benefit of Amida Buddha’s merit transference - and the sure promise of taking birth and becoming Buddhas at the end of their lives.

Countless people found the way - the only way in this age of Dharma Decline - to end their endless suffering and rebirth as non-Buddhas, at last.

In our day, when the Shin sangha is moribund once again, the need is exactly the same. For this reason, Prof. Kobai’s book is critical reading for those who care about the survival of the Shin sanga as the dharma vehicle for transmission of Buddha’s teaching - rather than the divergent teachings of unenlightened men who are revising and distorting Shinran’s True Teaching to meet their own intellectual tastes and fashions.

Kobai clears away the misconceptions that many scholars have had about Rennyo, and shows how his teaching was an accurate and faithful distillation and transmission of Shinran’s thought. He refuted false teaching and walked from temple to temple to establish seekers in the exact same SHINJIN that he shared with his true teacher Shinran.

Most important - the ONLY way out of the wilderness for the Shin sangha in our day is to do the exact same thing NOW that Rennyo did THEN.

That is the sole purpose of this website. It is the purpose of Eiken Kobai’s faithful scholarship as well - which is why I am so pleased to make his work more available to the English speaking world.


Paul R.

“Understanding Jodo-Shinshu” by Professor Eiken Kobai

Sunday, April 3rd, 2005

Professor Eiken Kobai’s book “Understanding Jodo Shinshu” is now available online at his website, The Shin Buddhism Study Center.

If you are interested in Shinran’s TRUE teaching -
If you want to end your suffering, at last -
If you are confused by the many and varied modern Shin teachings that are only loosely based on Shinran’s thought -

…then this book will clear up the muddle.

In particular, Kobai’s precise reading and explanation of Shinran will give you the understanding you need to end your confusion, and become a person of “settled Shinjin”, the same “true entrusting” as Shinran had - the gift of Amida Buddha. (more…)