Below is a list of Stern Lab publications:

Labeling antigen-specific CD4(+) T cells with class II MHC oligomers.
Cameron T, Norris P, Patel A, Moulon C, Rosenberg E, Mellins E, Wedderburn L, Stern L.
J Immunol Methods. 2002 Oct 1;268(1):51.
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Granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor induces an expression program in neonatal microglia that primes them for antigen presentation.
Re F, Belyanskaya SL, Riese RJ, Cipriani B, Fischer FR, Granucci F, Ricciardi-Castagnoli P, Brosnan C, Stern LJ, Strominger JL, Santambrogio L.
J Immunol. 2002 Sep 1;169(5):2264-73.
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Cutting edge: TCR engagement and triggering in the absence of large-scale molecular segregation at the T cell-APC contact site.
Zaru R, Cameron TO, Stern LJ, Muller S, Valitutti S.
J Immunol. 2002 May 1;168(9):4287-91.
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Dihydrolipoic Acid as an effective cofactor for Peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase in enzymatic repair of oxidative damage to both lipid-free and lipid-bound apolipoprotein a-I.
Sigalov AB, Stern LJ.
Antioxid Redox Signal. 2002 Jun;4(3):553-7.
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T cell activation by soluble MHC oligomers can be described by a two-parameter binding model.
J.Stone, J.R. Cochran, L.J.Stern
Biophys J. 2001 Nov;81(5):2547-57.
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Oxidation of methionine residues affects the structure and stability of apolipoprotein A-I in reconstituted high density lipoprotein particles.
Sigalov AB, Stern LJ.
Chem Phys Lipids. 2001 Nov;113(1-2):133-46.
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The kinetic basis of peptide exchange catalysis by HLA-DM
J.A.Zarutskie, R. Busch, Z. Zavala-Ruiz, Mia Rushe, E.D. Mellins, L.J.Stern
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2001 Oct 23;98(22):12450-5.
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TCR losing its inhibitions (letter)
T.O. Cameron, J. Stone, J.R.Cochran, L.J.Stern
Trends Immunol (2001) 22, 479-480

Receptor proximity, not intermolecular orientation, is critical for triggering T cell activation.
J. R. Cochran, T. O. Cameron, J. D. Stone, J. B.  Lubetsky, and L. J. Stern
J. Biol. Chem. (2001) 276, 28068-28074.
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Developmental plasticity of CNS microglia.
Santambrogio L, Belyanskaya SL, Fischer FR, Cipriani B, Brosnan CF, Ricciardi-Castagnoli P, Stern LJ, Strominger JL, Riese R
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2001 May 22;98(11):6295-300.
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Structural analysis of two HLA-DR-presented autoantigenic epitopes: crucial role of peripheral but not central peptide residues for T-cell receptor recognition.
De Oliveira DB, Harfouch-Hammoud E, Otto H, Papandreou NA, Stern LJ, Cohen H, Boehm BO, Bach J, Caillat-Zucman S, Walk T, Jung G, Eliopoulos E, Papadopoulos GK, van Endert PM.
Mol Immunol. 2000 Oct;37(14):813-25.
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Receptor clustering and transmembrane signaling in T cells (review)
J.R. Cochran, D, Aivazian, T.O. Cameron, and L.J. Stern,
Trends Biochem Sci. (2001) 26(5), 304-310
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Detection of antigen specific CD4+T cells is dependent on the T cell activation state
T.O. Cameron, J.R. Cochran, B. Yassine-Diab, R.-P. Sekaly, and L.J. Stern,
J. Immunol (Cutting Edge) (2001) 166, 741-745.
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T cell receptor zeta phosphorylation is regulated by a lipid-dependent folding transition.
D.Aivazian and L.J. Stern,
Nature Structural Biology (2000) 7 (11), 1023-1026.
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A diverse set of oligomeric class II MHC-peptide complexes for probing T-cell receptor interactions.
J.R. Cochran and L.J. Stern
Chemistry and Biology  (2000) 7(9):683-696.
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The relationship of MHC-peptide binding and T cell activation probed using chemically defined MHC class II oligomers.
J.R. Cochran, T.O. Cameron, L.J. Stern
Immunity (2000) ,12, 241-250.
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A three-step kinetic mechanism for peptide binding to class II MHC proteins
R.V. Joshi, J.A. Zarutskie, L.J. Stern,
Biochemistry(2000) 39, 3751-3762.
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Determinants of the peptide-induced conformational change in the class II MHC protein HLA-DR1
A.K. Sato, J.A. Zarutskie, M.M. Rushe, A. Lomakin, S.K.Natarajan, S. Sadegh-Nasseri, G.B. Benedek, L.J. Stern
J. Biol Chem. (2000), 275, 2165-2173.
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Extracellular antigen processing and presentation by immature dendritic cells.
L. Santambrogio, A.K. Sato, G. Carven, S.L. Belyanskaya, J. Strominger, L.J. Stern.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (1999), 96, 15056-61
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Abundant empty class II MHC molecules on the surface of immature dendritic cells.
L. Santambrogio, A.K. Sato, F.K. Fischer, M. Dorf, L.J. Stern
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci (1999), 96, 15050-15055.
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MHC class II proteins HLA-DQ (A1*0201,B1*0302) and (A1*0201,B1*0302): Asp/Ala B57 substitution alters peptide binding activity but not protein structure.
A.K. Sato, T. Sturniolo, F. Sinigaglia, L.J. Stern
Hum. Immunol. (1999), 60, 1227-1236.

A conformational change in the human class II MHC protein HLA-DR1 induced by peptide binding.
J.A. Zarutskie, A.K. Sato, M.M. Rushe, I.C. Chan, A. Lomakin, G.B. Benedek, L.J. Stern
Biochemistry (1999), 38, 5878-5887.
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SDS-stability of HLA-DR1 complexes correlates with burial of hydrophobic residues in pocket 1.
S.K. Natarajan, L.J. Stern, S.Sadegh-Nasseri
J. Immunol. (1999), 162, 3463-3470.
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Comparison of X-ray crystal structures of an acyl-enzyme intermediate of subtilisin Carlsberg formed in anhydrous acetonitrile and in water.
J.L. Schmitke, L.J. Stern, and A.M. Klibanov
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA (1998), 95, 12918-12923.
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Empty and peptide-loaded class II MHC proteins produced by expression in E. coli and refolding in vitro.
M.Frayser, A.K.Sato, L.Xu, and L.J. Stern
Prot. Exp. Purif. (1999), 15, 104-114.
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Enzymatic repair of oxidative damage to human apolipoprotein A-I.
A.B. Sigalov and L.J. Stern
FEBS Lett. (1998), 433, 196-200.
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Organic solvent binding to crystalline subtilisin in mostly aqueous media and in the neat solvents.
J.L. Schmitke, L.J. Stern, and A.M. Klibanov
Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm. (1998), 248, 273-277 (1998).
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The Class II MHC protein HLA-DR1 in complex with an endogenous peptide: Implications for the structural basis of the specificity of peptide binding.
V. Murthy and L.J. Stern
Structure (1997), 5, 1385-1396.
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The Crystal Structure of Subtilisin Carlsberg in Anhydrous Dioxane and its Comparison With Those in Water and Acetonitrile.
J.L. Schmitke, L.J. Stern, and A.M. Klibanov
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA (1997), 94, 4250-4255.
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Interference of distinct invariant chain regions with superantigen contact area and peptide binding groove of HLA-DR.
A.B. Vogt, L.J.Stern, C. Amshoff, B. Dobberstein, G.J. Hammerling, and H. Kropshofer
J. Immunol. (1995), 155, 4757-4765.

Self-Release of CLIP in Peptide Loading of HLA-DR1 Molecules.
H. Kropshofer, A.B. Vogt, L.J. Stern, and G.J. Hammerling
Science (1995) 270, 1357-1359.