MIT Sustainable Design Lab
Boston Energy Study

Boston Building Energy Model | Simulated Energy Use Intensity Distribution for Downtown Boston

UMI Dashboard

UMI Dashboard | Prototypical Simulation Results Viewer

Comfort in Motion

Comfort in Motion | A New Bike Route between MIT and Harvard


UMI | The Rhino-Based Urban Modeling Interface


Accelerad | Daylighting Simulation on the GPU

Daylighting Handbook I

The Daylighting Handbook Volume I is out

Lower Roxbury

Development of an energy retrofitting and walkability concept for an old Boston neighborhood

Urban Microclimate

Urban Microclimate | Designing with the urban heat island effect

Welcome to the MIT Sustainable Design Lab. Our lab is an inter-disciplinary group with a grounding in architecture that develops design workflows, planning tools and metrics to evaluate the environmental performance of buildings and neighborhoods. Products originating from our group – such as DIVA, Mapdwell, DAYSIM and umi – are used in practice and education in over 90 countries.

Our goal is to change current architectural and urban planning practices by developing, validating and testing analysis methods that lead to improved design solutions as far as occupant comfort and building energy use are concerned. The premise of our work is that a more informed design process will lead to better design choices and ultimately better performing buildings and neighborhoods.