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Tournaments > Archives > 2007 Fall Open Results


Men's Open Singles: 1st Place - Parry Husbands (MIT Alum), 2nd Place - Grant Li
Women's Open Singles: 1st Place - Katie Poon, 2nd Place - Mei Bai
U2000 Singles: 1st Place - Ari Stoler, 2nd Place - Xiaochun Zhang
U1700 Singles: 1st Place - Ari Stoler, 2nd Place - Eric Zheng
U1400 Singles: 1st Place - Bibek Karki, 2nd Place - Jesse Purvis
U1100 Singles: 1st Place - Vignesh Dharmarajan, 2nd Place - Wei Li (MIT)
Unrated Singles: 1st Place - Tienli Lin, 2nd Place - Lei Guo

U3000 Doubles: 1st place - Carlos Espinoza-Toro and Jared Glover (MIT), 2nd place - Albert Landry and Richard Shea

Thanks to everyone who made the tournament a success. We had over 90 players this time, a new record!

Jared Glover
MIT Table Tennis

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